What Are Tinder Super Likes & When Should You Use Them?

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Tinder is the most popular dating app there is, and it’s an app my single-self has been using for the past few years, on and off.

We also have a lot of content about Tinder here on Manly And Modern.

We’ve covered topics like if Tinder is even worth it, or strategies like the best time to boost on Tinder.

But today, we’re tackling another aspect of this dating app that can be a little confusing: Tinder Super Likes.

What are Tinder Super Likes? And, more importantly, do they even work and are they worth paying for?

Let’s dive in.

What Are Tinder Super Likes?

Tinder Super Likes are special likes you send by swiping up or tapping the blue Super Like icon. When the person you Super Liked sees you in their match queue, your profile gets a blue border to indicate that you Super Liked them.


According to Tinder, Super Likes increase the chance of you matching with someone by about 300% or more versus regular Tinder likes.

People also get a Tinder notification when someone Super Likes them, and you usually appear closer in someone’s match queue after sending a Super Like so they can swipe on you more quickly.

This feature is similar to Bumble’s SuperSwipes or using Hinge roses.

How Do Tinder Super Likes Work?

Normally, swiping right on Tinder means you like someone while swiping left means you want to pass.

You swipe upwards to use a Tinder Super Like. Alternatively, you can tap the blue Super Like button to send one to someone who catches your eye.

Tinder users with Gold and Platinum plans get five free Super Likes per day.

Once you use a Super Like, you have to wait a full 24 hours for your free Super Likes to restock.

Alternatively, you can buy additional Super Likes with any plan.

How Much Do Tinder Super Likes Cost?

As mentioned, you get five free daily Super Likes if you’re a Gold or Platinum user.

However, any Tinder user can buy additional Super Likes if you want to send out even more special likes to potential matches.

Here’s how much Tinder Super Likes cost:

  • 3 Super Likes: $4.25 each ($12.57)
  • 12 Super Likes: $3.19 each ($38.28)
  • 50 Super Likes: $1.91 each ($95.50)

Tinder-Super-Likes-costIt’s worth noting prices can change and also vary by country, but this is the approximate cost in USD.

Super Likes don’t expire as long as you keep your account active and don’t delete it.

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How Many Free Super Likes Do You Get?

All Tinder users can send one free Super Like per day. Again, you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can send another one.

Do Tinder Super Likes Work?

One of the main questions people have about this Tinder feature is if it even works at all.

Again, Tinder states a Super Like increases your odds of matching with someone by 300% or more, but is this really true?


Well, in my experience, Super Likes do slightly increase the chance you match with someone. This is largely because it moves you closer into their swiping queue so they have to swipe on you sooner.

But, this is really getting matches faster and not necessarily getting more matches in the long run, if that makes sense.

Furthermore, you have to go about Super Liking the right way.

To be blunt, there’s no point in Super Liking someone who is way above your league or someone where you have nothing in common because you won’t match anyway.

Rather, Super Likes are useful for matching with people you already know or if you think you’re fairly compatible with the person you’re swiping on.

Should You Pay For Tinder & More Likes?

In our opinion, you shouldn’t pay for extra Tinder Super Likes.

Paying for Tinder can be worth it if you want unlimited swipes and to use the travel feature. This is especially true if you’re traveling or moving somewhere new and want to meet people quickly.

But paid Tinder plans give you 5 free Super Likes per day, so you really don’t need to waste extra money by buying even more Super Likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Super Like On Tinder Creepy?

One common concern people have about using Tinder Super Likes is that it’s somewhat creepy.

Well, one interesting Reddit thread asked women on Tinder what they think about receiving Super Likes.

Here’s what some other Tinder users said:

  • AccomplishedFan3 says: “They definitely make me stop for a minute and look at the profile for an extra second, but most of the time the guys that super like are kinda weird or creepy so I mean depends on the profile. Typically to me it comes off as desperate but I make exceptions sometimes.”
  • RogueOne9090 says: “I’ll look over a bio again if I have a super like. I spend a little more time and effort because IMO you did the same.”
  • greygray says: “The main purpose of the super like is to put you at the top of the deck. For women, every swipe is essentially a match. Thus in order to ensure that you are even seen, you may need to use a super like – otherwise, the person you’re swiping on will probably swipe on other people and you’ll never have a chance.”

Tinder-Super-Likes-RedditSo in short, Super Liking isn’t creepy by default, and it’s basically a guaranteed way to get someone to look a bit more at your profile.

But again, you need to bat at your average here and there’s no point of Super Liking people who are way out of your league, and that’s just the hard truth we gotta accept.

Is Super Liking On Tinder Desperate?

Super Liking on Tinder isn’t desperate by default. But being extremely clingy, overly-intense, and just too much out of the gate in general is after you match with anyone on Tinder.

I’ve Super Liked loads of people, been on dates with some, and gotten ghosted by plenty more.

A Super Like is just a tool to get you matches more quickly. It also signals to people you care a little more than your average swipe.

But really, it’s your compatibility and conversation that actually matter.

Can I Reverse Super Likes?

You can reverse Super Likes on Tinder if you have a paid plan that lets you reverse likes. Free Tinder accounts can’t reverse their free daily Super Likes.

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Should I Buy Extra Super Likes?

You can buy additional Tinder Super Likes if you want matches faster. However, in our opinion, paying for apps like Tinder or Bumble is already enough of an investment and you shouldn’t spend even more money.

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Final Thoughts

I hope our guide on how Tinder Super Likes work and if they’re effective or not clarifies how to use this feature.

Honestly, a free Super Like or the free five Super Likes you get with paid Tinder plans is enough to get the job done.

Just remember to be a gentleman, and don’t take this whole dating app thing so seriously!

Best of luck with your swiping!

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