20+ Best Bet Ideas For Couples (Fun & Flirty Bets!)

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It doesn’t matter if you’re been married for 25+ years or are a recent item; sometimes, spicing up your dating life with a wager is exactly what you need.

So, if you’re looking for some fun and flirty bet idea for couples, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is covering 20+ of the best bet ideas for couples you and your significant others can make.

Some of these bet ideas and consequences are hilarious while others are more romantic, so there’s a couple bet ideas in this article for everyone!

Place your wagers and let’s begin!

The Best Flirty And Fun Bet Ideas For Couples

Just like bet ideas for friends, you have to start your bets for couples by picking something to actually bet on.

I’m going to cover different bet ideas you and your partner can use at the end of this article.

But for now, here are some fun and flirty consequences you can use for your fun couples bet ideas.

1. Loser Makes Dinner

Is your partner a master chef? Or, are they a hilarious bad cook?

It doesn’t really matter, because one of the best bet ideas for couples is to have the loser make dinner that night.

Bonus points if the loser has to plan an entire three-course meal or make dinners for the entire week!

2. Loser Gives The Other Person A Massage

If you’re looking for a flirty bet idea for couples, a massage is the perfect solution.

Bet on something fun and make it so the loser has to give the other person a 30 minute massage.

To make it even spicier, add in something like massage oil, candles, and make an entire spa night out of it.

3. Winner Picks The Next Date

Are you and your partner always bickering over the next date night?

Maybe he wants to watch football, and she wants to go to the movies.

Whatever the case, one great bet idea for couples to make is to have the winner pick the next date night idea.

This is also a great bet idea if it’s been ages since you’ve both been on a proper date and need to mix up the routine a bit.

Pro Tip: Reverse the roles and make the loser plan the next date night so the pressure is on!

4. Loser Does The Dishes (Or Other Chores)

One simple yet fun bet idea for couples is to have the loser do the dishes.

This idea can also extend to almost any household chore like:

  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning the entire house
  • Taking the dog for a walk

Make sure you add in whatever chores you don’t feel like doing if you’re confident you’re going to win the bet!

5. Loser Watches The Kids

If you have little ones who need constant attention, another bet idea is to have the loser have kid duty for the night or even week.

This provides an alternative to hiring a babysitter, so you’re also saving money as well.

And if you’ve both been itching to have a night out with friends or a dude’s trip, this is the type of bet that can let that happen!

6. Loser Has To Make Breakfast

Another fun bet idea for couples is to have the loser make breakfast.

This is also a nice way to spend quality time together in the morning and to mix up the routine if you both normally skip breakfast.

Add in some extra bet rules too, like making a specific type of breakfast like pancakes or French toast!

7. Loser Has To Do The Groceries

Like doing chores, another popular bet idea for couples is to have the loser do groceries.

If one person in the relationship always does the groceries, this is a chance for them to have the week off if they win the bet.

And for the other person, it’s an opportunity to take some responsibility off the other person’s plate!

8. Winner Picks A Bedroom Activity

One sexy bet for couples is to have the winner decide on some nighttime bedroom activity.

If there’s some sort of fantasy you each want to try, this type of flirty bet is the perfect solution to make that happen.

You can probably rope a massage into this couple bet idea as well, and overall, this is definitely one of the more romantic and fun bets on this list.

This is also the perfect type of sexy bet to make with your boyfriend if you want to have some fun together.

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9. Loser Does Everything The Winner Says For A Day

Want to be the King or Queen of the house for the day?

If so, this is one of the best bet ideas for couples out there.

The bet is simple: the loser has to do everything the winner says for an entire day, no exceptions.

Talk about some seriously high stakes on this one!

10. Winner Chooses The Next Vacation Spot

If you’re currently planning a vacation or short weekend trip, you can mix in betting into your travel preparation.

Basically, make a bet where the winner gets to choose the next vacation destination.

You don’t have to worry about details like flights or hotels since you and your partner can figure that out together.

But, if the winner wants to go on a skiing trip to Whistler or lounge on a beach in Nassau, so be it!

11. Loser Has To Sing A Song

If you’re looking for a silly bet idea for couples, make a bet where the loser has to sing a karaoke song.

This is even better if one or both of you can’t sing. And, to make it even more fun, let the winner pick the song the loser has to sing!

12. Winner Picks The Next Movie

Personally, I like action movies or Sci-Fi movies where you basically know the entire plot-line before the movie even starts.

What can I say, I like simple and easy movies to watch!

But maybe your partner isn’t like me and prefers dramas, romance movies, or fantasy.

Whatever the case, a fun bet idea for couples is to have the winner pick the next movie for movie night.

This is a great excuse to plan a fun and romantic movie night as well.

13. Loser Has To Bake Something

I enjoy baking, although I have to say, I’m not very good at it.

But if you both have a sweet tooth, a couples bet idea you can try is to have the loser bake something.

Like the dinner idea, you can also make it so the winner chooses what the loser has to bake.

14. Winner Gets Five Wishes

If you like several bet ideas for couples and want to keep your options open, this is the perfect bet to make.

Basically, place a bet where the winner gets five wishes.

These wishes don’t have an expiration date and can be anything, so this is definitely one creative and open-ended bet!

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15. Winner Picks The Weekend’s Activities

If you have a free weekend coming up, another fun couples bet idea is to have the winner plan out the entire weekend.

This could include anything, so you might end up doing a wine tour, going to an amusement park, taking a hike, or some combination of fun date activities!

16. Winner Doesn’t Have To Do Something

This is a similar bet idea to things like doing chores, but it basically gives the winner a get-out-of-jail-free card they can use.

17. Loser Has To Wash The Other Person’s Car

This idea is best during Spring or Summer, but it’s another fun bet for couples that also gets some work done!

Basically, make this bet forfeit that the loser has to wash the other person’s car.

You can also make them clean the interior of the car as well.

18. Loser Has To Wear A Specific Outfit

Another flirty bet for couples is to let the winner choose an outfit the loser has to wear.

This normally goes hand-in-hand with bedroom fun, and your partner can get some satisfaction out of making you wear something they really enjoy.

Of course, you could go the other route and make your partner dress up like a clown or something, but somehow that seems less fun.

19. Loser Has To Drive

Want a personal chauffeur for the day or week?

Then this bet idea for couples is for you!

Basically, make the bet consequence that the loser has to drive the other person around for a period of time. It’s that simple!

20. Loser Has To Tell An Embarrassing Story

This is one of the best bets for couples if you’re relatively new to dating and are still learning some hidden gems about the other person.

Have the loser of the bet tell their most embarrassing story that you haven’t heard before.

You might find out something that shocks you, and hopefully not in a bad way!

21. Loser Takes The Other Person Shopping

Is there a shopaholic in your relationship?

If so, this might be a risky bet to make. But in any case, you can place a bet where the loser has to take the other person shopping for the afternoon.

22. Loser Has To Grab Coffee

Like making breakfast, another fun bet idea for couples is to have the loser make a morning coffee run.

This is perfect for a lazy weekend where you’re both just lounging around, and definitely let the winner pick the coffee chain or cafe as well!

23. Loser Can’t Use Their Phone For A Day

Is one person in your relationship always glued to their smartphone?

If so, this is a great bet for couples to make because it can force one person to put their phone away for an entire day!

And hey, maybe they can use their new amount of free time to do something fun with you.

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What Are Good Things To Bet On As A Couple?

Now that you know some flirty and fun bet ideas for couples, it’s time to cover some actual ideas for the things you’re betting on.

Some good bet ideas for couples include:

  • Physical Challenge Bets: See who can do more push-ups, or run a mile faster, or do the splits better.
  • Bet On An Event: Place a wager on a sporting event or some live event about a final outcome or if something happens or not.
  • Bet On Who Is Right: This is a classic bet for couples, and it’s simple: if you’re disagreeing on something, place a bet on who is right and then Google the answer.
  • Make Food Bets: Bet who can eat or drink something faster, or if someone can finish their entire meal.
  • Bet On Other People: Another easy bet idea is to wager on some of your friends doing or not doing something.

With these ideas in mind and then the list of bet consequences, you and your partner are definitely ready to make some wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Flirty Bet Ideas For Couples?

Some of the best flirty bet ideas for couples include:

  • Giving the other person a massage
  • Planning a dinner date
  • Picking a flirty bedroom activity
  • Having the loser dress in a certain outfit

What Are Some Fun Bet Ideas For Couples

Some of the most creative and fun couples bet ideas include:

  • Having the loser sing karaoke
  • Making the loser tell an embarrassing story
  • Getting the loser to do anything you say for a day
  • Having the winner pick all the weekend’s activities

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Final Thoughts

I hope this list of fun and flirty bet ideas for couples helps you and your significant other have a bit of extra fun.

Of course, don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with more betting topics as well as the bet punishments for the loser.

Keep things light, fun, and flirty and you can’t go wrong!

Thanks for reading.

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