12 Things Every Man Should Carry On Them – Always Be Prepared!

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Most men are in a rush in the morning to get out of the door so that they will get to work on time.

Trust me, I get it; I’ve pulled the 8:45am wakeup plenty of times and bolted out the door like some lunatic.

But, as I’m sure you know, being caught unprepared during your day sucks. After all, there’s nothing worse than leaving an essential item at home or being caught without something handy when the times calls.

Being prepared for each day is also just an essential step in being productive overall. So, if you want to step up your game and be prepared, take a look at these 10 things every man should carry!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your pockets, your jacket, or in your backpack: don’t leave the house without these crucial items!

Top Things Every Man Should Carry

You might think this post is a tad unecessary, but it’s actually an important topic for men everywhere to consider.

Being prepared makes you ready for every life circumstance. You can also be someone’s lifesaver at any event or location you go if you’re prepared.

Plus, other people won’t have to be concerned about not having the necessary tools or items they need, and neither will you, when you are prepared for any of life’s moments.

Let’s get into the items!

1. A Good Wallet

If you currently have a brick of a wallet or, even worse, leave the house and just shove a few credit cards and your ID into your pocket, please stop!

A wallet is absolutely on the list of everyday carries for guys, and you need to have the right wallet as well.

This might be something you’ve never thoght of before. However, it’s important to get a wallet that isn’t too flimsy or bulky.

A flimsy wallet can break easily. As for bulky wallets, they’re just uncomfortable and look a bit ridiculous sticking out of your pocket.

If you want a solid wallet, you can checkout different carbon fiber wallets that are both sturdy and sleek.


Amazon has a range of affordable wallets for men, and this is the best way to get back on track with your everyday essentials!

2. Cash

Another thing every guy should carry is cash.

You don’t need to have a lot on you, but it’s important to be prepaid. Even in this day in age, you never know when having $20 to $40 of cash on hand will come in handy!

Cash is useful for paying for parking, buying food when on the go if you’re starving, and it doesn’t do you any harm unless you spend it on dumb purchases or lose it.

Plus, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The last time I was traveling, my bank annoyingly froze my account because they thought it was a fradulent charge. Let me tell you, I was happy to have some cash on hand while I was on hold with my bank!

3. Reliable Earbuds

This is another essential item guys should have on them, and you never realize how much you need them until you’re caught without them.

The right pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones are an absolute game-changer. They can help you focus on your work and block our your surroundings.

Plus, music can also assist you in focusing on the tasks you have to work on. It also has the ability to bring about relaxation during high stress environments.

Play your favorite songs and genres through earbuds when working or when in another high stress environment. You will not regret it, and you will feel as if you are in a whole other place.

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4. A Swiss Army Knife or Multi-Tool

If you are the type of man who is mechanically-inclined or enjoys the outdoors, you should consider carrying a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool.

This is especially true if you already carry a pocket knife for whatever reason. Unlike a simple knife, a Swiss Army Knife can help you in a wider variety of situations.

You might think this is a bit excessive, but you can definitely throw this in the category of things every man should carry in their backpack or jacket pocket.

This is especially important if you’re going on a camping trip or have some outdoor activities planned for the day. Besides, if you actually need it in an everyday situation and use it to fix something, that’s a pretty cool look.

5. A Lighter

A lighter is extremely useful even if you don’t smoke or prefer smoking alternatives like vapes.

Don’t believe me?

Well, for starters, having a lighter at social events or parties is pretty useful. For example, you can use a lighter as a bottle opener when you inevitably lose the only bottle opener that was laying around the party.

Thumbs up for cool party tricks!

Plus, a lighter is also a great way to start a conversation with people who are smoking (something). The next time a woman asks you if you have a light, you’ll be able to say yes!

If you don’t want to carry bulky lighters with you, there are small ones available. There are even those that are able to be attached to your keychain. You can even get lighters that fit your style, especially if you look into those with designs or bright colors.

6. Gum

Out of all the things every man should carry on them, gum is probably one of the most tragically forgotten items.

Bad breathe sucks. We all get it, and sometimes, you don’t even realize you have it. Gum is the simplest way to avoid this, and you can keep a pack or two in your backpack, jacket pocket, or your car.

You never know when the opportunity will arise that your breath should be smelling its best. If you are out on a date, for instance, you do not want your breath to be smelling bad when you are going in to kiss your date. You also don’t want bad breath if you are going into an important meeting or interview.

Gum also has the ability to help you focus, which might surprise you.

It can keep you centered on a task that requires visual stimuli. It can also help you in your memory, your alertness and even your anxiety when in a high stress environment.

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7. Lip Balm

While this is more of a personal care tip, I still think limp balm deserves a spot on the list of things guys should carry.

Lip balm is essential to preventing chapped lips. Chapped lips can even lead to unsightly cracking and bleeding of your lips, if they are left alone long enough. I

n order to treat and prevent this, make sure to carry lip balm with you. As soon as your lips begin to feel dry, apply it.

This is especially important if you live somewhere with very long winters. Plus, let’s be honest, this is a pretty basic personal care tip and it’s a simple one.

8. A Phone Charger

Considering how connected we are in this digital world, it’s pretty important to stay connected when you’re out and about your day.

I mean, how many times in your life has your phone died at the absolutely worst time? Chances are, quite a few.

Therefore, having a small charger for your phone is a must to make sure your phone has the battery life to last you throughout the day until you get home.

There are some chargers that are so small that they are able to conveniently fit in your wallet. TravelCard chargers are shaped like a card with two separate wires to be able to even charge two devices at the same time.

Phones are really essential in case of emergency. If you break down on the side of the road and your phone’s battery is dead, for instance, you will have no way to contact anyone to come assist you.

The bottom line is that you should make sure you have some type of charger with you to keep your phone’s battery alive!

9. Sunglasses

One of the worst things you can do from a fashion and comfort perspective is to leave the house on a wonderfully sunny day without sunglasses.

A very simple outfit that’s completed by the sunglasses.

Besides, fashion and comfort aside, sunglasses are great for certain hours of driving.

During your commute, you may be driving into the sunrise or bright dawn lights, and during the evening, you may be driving into the sunset with its bright lights. Having a good pair of sunglasses can also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

If you don’t own a solid pair of sunglasses, make that one of your next purchases.

Every man should carry sunglasses on them at all time, either in their jacket, backpack, or car. Just remember to get a carrying case for them as well so you don’t break them!

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10. A Nice Watch

Alright, while this isn’t technically something every man should carry on them, it’s a similar idea.

Watches are a classic, fashionable way to bring your whole outfit together. It’s honestly a travesty that more men don’t wear watches or other accessories to spice up their outfits.

Traditional watches have a sense of style that is timeless and can match an outfit perfectly. You can also find more modern designs depending on your preferences.

Many watches are able to function in harsh conditions as well, and some watches are even waterproof. IThere is both functionality and fashion in wearing a watch to have it with you for everyday use!

11. A Pen

I always keep a pen and a pad of paper in my backpack and car. You never know when it’s going to come in handy, especially if you travel regularly and need to sign documents.

This is a pro tip for air travel as well since you usually have to sign some kind of immigration form when moving between countries.

12. A Flashlight

One final thing every man should carry is a flashlight. Personally, I keep one in the trunk of my car alongside a toolkit since you never know when you might run into trouble.

You can also find smaller flashlights and keep them in your backpack. Keychain flashlights are also available on Amazon, although some of them are a bit too bulky for my liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should A Gentleman Always Carry?

A gentleman should always carry a watch since this is a classic way to elevate an outfit. You can also consider carrying a handkerchief like they did just a few generations ago.

But above all, make sure you always have cash or some form of payment method on you. After all, you don’t want to get caught relying on someone else to cover your bills.

What Does EDC Mean?

EDC stands for “Everyday Carry” and refers to a collection of useful items that you should carry on you at all times. This includes most of the items mentioned in this article but can also include things like toolkits and firearms.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it always pays to be over-prepared rather than caught in an awkward situation.

Now, depending on your job or daily routine, this list of things every man should carry might be missing a few things.

Ultimately, you know your everyday carry needs more than anyone else. Take a moment to reflect about the last few times you’ve been caught unprepared, and make some changes to your shopping list!

Thanks so much for reading!

What’s one thing you never leave the house without? Let us know!

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