Should Men Use Face Masks? – Top 5 Benefits for Guys

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As a man, it’s not easy to know what skin care products are designed for us. Should men use face masks? What are the benefits to using them?

We’ll be going over everything you need to know about using face masks for men.

Believe it or not, men and women have different skin.

Men have thicker, stronger, and firmer skin while women have thinner, but softer skin.

Plus, men have to worry about facial hair more when applying skin care products. Either way, you’ll know what options are best after reading through to the end!

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Using Face Masks for Men

Face masks come with a ton of benefits as a man:

  1. Removes excess oils
  2. Hydrates the skin
  3. Makes the skin smoother
  4. Prevents skin sag
  5. Reduces imperfections (acne, dark spots, etc.)

On top of these benefits, face masks will help improve circulation. This has a direct effect on keeping your skin clean and firm.

Keep in mind, some face masks might be too weak or too strong as a guy. More on that later!

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Should Men Use Face Masks?

Men should use face masks if they want to improve their skin and get rid of excess oils.

They are not 100% necessary, but they come with a ton of added benefits when used occasionally.

There is no harm in using face masks as a man. In fact, some masks might be too weak to penetrate a male’s skin (which is around 25% tougher than a female).

What Kind of Face Mask is Best for Men?

There are a few different kinds of face masks in skin care:

  1. Sheet masks
  2. Mud masks
  3. Peel off masks
  4. Gel masks
  5. Clay maks
  6. Charcoal masks
  7. Bubble masks

The list goes on and on, but you get the point. There are a lot!

Traditionally, the most popular mask is the sheet mask. However, they have one big disadvantage when it comes to men’s faces…

Sheet masks don’t stick very well to facial hair!

Because of this, they are a lot less effective. In other words, any masks that can be spread on the face is better for men.

The best skin care face masks for men include:

  • Clay masks
  • Cream masks
  • Mud masks
  • Peel off masks

They’re easy to apply, have enough effect on men’s skin, and don’t interfere with facial hair!

My personal favorite type of mask is clay, but it really boils down to your skin type and personal preference.

For example, one of my friends won’t go near a clay mask because it dries out his skin too much. When I apply it, the mask gets rid of my excess oils and stops there.

Do a bit of digging to find out your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, acne, etc.) and pick a mask that matches that type.

If you’re skin type is showing that you need a sheet mask, try applying one right after you shave so that it sticks properly.

When Should Men Use Face Masks?

Men should use face masks around once a week. Any more than that and your skin will not be receiving the necessary oils it needs.

In certain occasions, men will have really oily skin or their face mask is weak. In that case, applying a face mask twice a week is fine.

Know your skin type and how strong your face mask is in order to determine how often to use it!

Is Doing A Face Mask Everyday Bad?

Yes, doing a face mask everyday is bad. Here’s why…

Face masks are designed to be a strong and powerful shot of skin care to get rid of excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and acne.

If you use it too often, it will completely dry out your face, leading to an increased production of oil (which essentially starts a vicious cycle).

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Final Thoughts

So, should men use face masks? Absolutely!

From experience, I can say that they help a ton with adding vibrance to the face that is hard to find with anything else.

As long as you don’t use it more than twice a week, it will only do more good than bad to your skin.

I recommend starting with a good clay mask for men to start off and take it from there depending on your skin type.

Good luck on your journey to clear skin!

What’s your favorite face mask? Comment below!

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