Hinge Roses – What They Are & How To Use This New Feature

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I write about dating apps on Manly And Modern quite a bit.

The main reason for this is, well, the fact that I currently use dating apps myself.

And so, our posts like if Hinge is worth it or if Bumble is worth it try to help other users with their dating app experiences.

So today, we’re covering another dating app feature that might be a little confusing: Hinge roses.

If you’re wondering how Hinge roses work or if you should pay for them, this is absolutely the post for you.

What Are Hinge Roses?

Hinge roses are special likes you can send to your standouts on Hinge. When you send someone a rose on Hinge, you’re sent to the top of that person’s like queue. According to Hinge, roses are twice as likely to lead to a date.

Image courtesy of Hinge.

In other words, Hinge roses are similar to Tinder Super Likes and help you catch the eye of someone you like.

You get one free Hinge rose every Sunday, but roses don’t stack, so it’s important to use your rose every week to maximize the benefit of this Hinge feature.

What Are Hinge Standouts?

Hinge Standouts are a collection of Hinge profile prompts from people that you’re most compatible with. Basically, it’s a list of Hinge profiles in your area that are popular and that Hinge thinks you’ll like.

You send Hinge roses to standouts, so you have to browse through your list of standouts every week to find one lucky person to get your rose.


In my experience, Hinge standouts are basically the most attractive people in your area, and the whole compatibility thing isn’t really true.

But, in any case, your standouts list is a nice curated list of attractive people that meet your search criteria.

How To Use Hinge Roses

Here’s how to send a Hinge rose to someone:

  • Tap on the star icon at the bottom of the app to look at your Standout List
  • Browse through your list of standouts
  • Tap the rose icon on someone’s profile photo or prompt
  • Send them a rose with or without a message
Image courtesy of Hinge.

That’s all there is to it.

Sending Hinge roses is exactly like sending a regular like on Hinge with the main difference being that you’re going to the top of their like list.

When someone receives a rose, they also get the notification that you “sent a rose” so they know you sent them an extra special like.

How Much Do Extra Hinge Roses Cost?

As mentioned, you get one free Hinge rose every Sunday.

But, these roses don’t stack, and one rose goes by quickly when you consider how attractive standouts are.

You can buy extra Hinge roses, and here’s how much they cost:

  • 3 Roses ($4.23 each): $12.69 in total.
  • 12 Roses ($3.16 each): $37.92 in total.
  • 50 Roses ($1.87 each): $93.50 in total.

Hinge-RosesHonestly, this is very expensive, and if you’re on a budget or don’t feel like wasting money, we don’t suggest buying extra Hinge roses.

Do Hinge Roses Really Work?

Hinge states sending a rose means you’re twice as likely to score a date. But, does this feature even work?

Well, in my experience, sending a rose doesn’t really give you better odds than sending a regular Hinge like.

Hinge is my favorite dating app because you can get your foot in the door with a question or comment, whereas apps like Tinder and Bumble don’t really let you do this.

Another factor to consider with Hinge roses is that your standout list is a bunch of super attractive people.

This means these profiles are getting lots of roses and likes from other users as well, so I guess there’s more competition for attention in a weird sense.

Ultimately, Hinge roses work, but they’re not much different than daily Hinge likes so you probably shouldn’t pay for extra ones.

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What Do Other Hinge Users Think?

We’re not big fans of buying roses, but honestly, it’s an alright feature for this dating app.

But, what do other users think about sending and receiving Hinge roses?

Well, here’s what some users say in a Reddit thread on the subject:

  • LaLaDeDo says: “I’ve been sending my weekly rose out – just because but I never really expect to get a response. I’m guessing if someone is in my standouts they’re probably inundated with likes/roses and are likely spoiled for choice. It’s nothing but a blatant cash grab by the owners.”
  • FlowHuman says: “The whole “standouts” thing is strange – I usually see the same people in the normal discover stack a few days later. And the roses don’t seem to do very much, at least for me. I rarely get responses from people I have sent roses to, while I get lots of responses from normal likes.”
  • TheWhiteWalkerSpeaks says: “Always felt roses came across as desperate. I only comment in response to one of their prompts or photo. Rarely check the standout section.”


FlowHuman brings up a very valuable point about this feature as well.

One annoying aspect about Hinge standouts is that it’s incredibly hard, or sometimes impossible, to find these people in your natural swiping queue.

This means you have to use Hinge roses to like certain users. The alternative is to wait for your standouts list to refresh and to then look for those people.

We still don’t think this makes Hinge roses worth paying for, but it’s an annoying feature to note.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve covered how Hinge roses work, here are a few more common questions people have about this popular dating app.

1. When Do You Get Free Hinge Roses?

You get one free rose on Hinge every Sunday. Free roses don’t stack so you have to use them every week to get the most use out of them.

2. How Often Do Likes Refresh On Hinge?

Hinge likes refresh every day at 4:00 AM in your local time zone. You can get unlimited likes by paying for Hinge.

3. How Many Hinge Likes Do You Get Per Day?

You get 8 likes on Hinge per day. On Sunday, you technically get one extra like with your Hinge rose if you use your rose after all your normal likes are exhausted.

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Final Thoughts

I hope our guide on Hinge roses clarifies what this new feature is and how this all works.

Again, we don’t recommend paying for extra roses, but hey, you do you!

Best of luck with your dating adventures!

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