If You Swipe Left On Tinder Are They Gone For Ever? (Accidentally Swiped Left!)

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So, you’re sitting on the sofa for a bit of a Tinder session, and as you’re swiping, you accidentally swipe left on someone you really wanted to match with.

This happens to absolutely everyone who uses Tinder or even other dating apps like Bumble.

And, when you accidentally swipe left on someone, it’s honestly pretty frustrating since you feel like you’re losing a nice potential match.

But, if you swipe left on Tinder on someone, are they gone forever?

Well, the good news is that even an accidental left swipe doesn’t necessarily mean the end of you matching with someone.

If You Swipe Left On Tinder Are They Gone Forever?

If you swipe left on Tinder on a profile, that profile is gone unless you immediately use Tinder Rewind to undo your left swipe. In other words, once you swipe left on a Tinder profile, it won’t appear in your match queue ever again unless one of you remakes your Tinder account.

Accidentally Swipe Left TinderIn this sense, a “profile” is gone forever if you swipe left on them, although if that person remakes their profile, you can find them again in your match queue.

How To Find Someone On Tinder After Swiping Left

Accidentally swiping left on Tinder usually means you won’t see that profile again.

However, there are some creative ways to find someone on Tinder after swiping left on them so you can rekindle your dating possibilities!

1. Use Tinder Rewind

The best way to find someone on Tinder after swiping left on them is to use Tinder Rewind. This is a premium Tinder feature that’s available if you pay for Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum.

Tinder RewindHowever, it’s important to know that Tinder Rewind can only rewind one swipe back in time.

So if you accidentally swipe left on Tinder and then keep swiping, you can’t keep rewinding to find the person you wanted to swipe right on.

Additionally, if you swipe left on someone, close the app, and then relaunch the app to try and use Tinder Rewind, you can’t.

This is why it’s important to swipe slowly and to make sure you use Tinder Rewind immediately following an accidental swipe left.

2. Delete & Remake Your Tinder Account

Another strategy to find someone on Tinder after swiping left on them is to delete and remake your entire Tinder account.

Again, this is extreme, but it’s the only guaranteed way to make sure a profile isn’t gone forever if you swipe left on them.

The main downside of this is that you lose all your Tinder matches and have to spend time remaking your profile.

But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

3. Wait Long Enough (Or Go Off-App)

While this isn’t a guaranteed solution to fixing an accidental swipe left, you can always just wait and trust someone will eventually remake their profile.

Alternatively, you can try sliding into the DMs if you can find the person elsewhere on social media.

Just note that this can be pretty creepy if you come off the wrong way and isn’t something I recommend really.

4. Get Your Friends To Share A Profile

One new Tinder feature lets you share people’s profiles with your friends.

So, if you accidentally swipe left on someone on Tinder, you can ask your friends to find them and then share the profile with you so you can view it again.


This takes some team effort, but it gets the job done.

5. Use Other Dating Apps

If someone is on Tinder, there’s a chance they’re also on dating apps like Hinge and Bumble as well.

So, you can always try creating profiles on other dating apps and then attempting to find the person you swiped left on.

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What If I Accidentally Swipe Left On Tinder?

If you accidentally swipe left on someone on Tinder, you can’t find the profile again unless you use the strategies I just mentioned.

This is the heartless reality of dating apps; Tinder doesn’t care if you make a mistake, so make sure you swipe carefully.

The same goes for accidentally swiping right on someone, so be careful how you move those thumbs!

Does Tinder Show You Profiles That Already Swiped Left?

Tinder doesn’t show you profiles that you already swiped left on. The only time you can find these profiles is if you or that person deletes and remakes a brand new Tinder profile.

How To Know If Someone Swiped Left On Tinder

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to tell if someone in your swiping queue has already swiped left on your profile. This is because Tinder doesn’t remove profiles that swipe left on your from circulation, and there aren’t any indicators either that let you know.

In contrast, you can pay for Tinder Gold to at least know which profiles have swiped right on you.


You can view the profiles that like you under your “Liked You” tab. And if you match with someone through Tinder Gold, the match is highlighted with a gold heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Undo A Swipe Left On Tinder?

The only way to undo a swipe left is to pay for a premium Tinder plan and to then use Tinder Rewind, which undos a swipe left or right.

Do You Show Up If You Swipe Left?

Yes, you can still appear in people’s Tinder swiping queue if you’ve already swiped left on them. This means people can catch you on Tinder, even if you try to hide by swiping left on them.

The only way to remove yourself from Tinder is to toggle the “Show Me On Tinder” button in your settings.

Does Tinder Show You The Same Person Twice?

Tinder doesn’t show the same profile twice unless someone deletes and remakes their account. This is why people often say someone is gone forever if you swipe left on them.

Final Thoughts

We all accidentally swipe left on Tinder sometime. And, unfortunately, most of the time this means that profile is gone forever.

However, you can use features like Tinder Rewind or other dating apps to still have a chance at a match.

And just remember: dating apps are supposed to be fun, so don’t take any of this stuff too seriously for no good reason.

Best of luck with your swiping!

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