How to Get a Girlfriend in College (Fast & Easy)

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Looking to make college a bit more interesting? These tips will show you how to get a girlfriend in college – the fast and easy way!

Everyone will have a different way to approach girls. You might have different situations or confidence levels that can affect your success in getting a girlfriend.

These are the tips that helped me get a girlfriend at the age of 18 and we’re still dating to this day! If you want the necessary steps to score a college girlfriend, you’re in the right place.

First, check out some of the benefits to getting a girl in college…

Why You Should Get a Girlfriend in College

Although it doesn’t really matter if have a girlfriend or not, here are a few benefits that will come with a relationship in college:

  • Reduced stress
  • Someone to spend time with
  • Someone to travel with
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone
  • Motivates you to do better

The first bullet alone is enough of an incentive to get a girlfriend. We could all use a bit less stress in our lives!

In all seriousness, you will want to become the best version of yourself (which can be hard in college).

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a girlfriend to make you happy, do NOT get one! You should be able to hold your own as an individual before seeking a relationship.

How to Get a Girlfriend in College

Here are 10+ steps to help you get a girlfriend and a few other things you should avoid along the way…

1) Join Social Events

The first step of this process involves you putting yourself in situations that give you a higher chance of meeting girls.

Join clubs, sports games, parties, online groups, or anything else that you can see yourself doing. The point is to get yourself out there.

This doesn’t mean you need to force yourself into girly groups or anything like that. Join social events that you think you’ll actually enjoy!

Many psychologists believe that the key to a quick relationship (romantic or not) is by having something important that you both share in common. For example, it’s much easier to get a girlfriend if the girl you meet loves Volleyball just as much as you do.

2) Find a Girl You’re Interested In

This girl can be from your class, club, party, or simply walking down the street in front of you.

As long as you’re interested in her based on looks and first impressions, then she is a worthy prospect for approaching. Of course, personality is the most important trait, especially for a long term girlfriend.

However, you only have looks to judge until you start having a conversation. Know what you’re interested in before going into an approach.

3) Approach Her With Confidence 

If you’ve read, heard, or seen anything about getting girls, then you’ve heard the word “confidence” a million times.

Although the word is probably overused at this point, it’s still an important aspect for approaching women.

Put your chest out in front of you, keep your head high, take a deep breath, and walk up to her with a smile.

4) Be Casual and Straightforward

When you go up to a girl, don’t try to be all fancy, cocky, or start talking her head off.

Approach as if you’re meeting your best friend for lunch (without all the swearing and stuff). A casual approach is the best approach.

When you get her attention, be straightforward with her. Tell her, “Hey, I saw you and thought you were really pretty and I had to come introduce myself.”

This is how to get a girlfriend in college the fast and easy way!

Ask for her name and just chat about basic stuff. Treat her like any other person in the world. The moment you put her on a pedestal is the moment you start to freeze up.

Already know her well and want to take the next steps? Skip to tip #7.

If she’s responding well to the conversation, feel free to act a bit playful and keep chatting. If she’s a bit on guard, she’s probably not interested and you should give her some space.

5) Ask Her What She’s Doing Later

When the conversation is coming to a close, or you find an awkward pause in the middle of the convo, fill it in with this question…

“What are you doing later?”

She might answer with what she’s doing that same day or she might answer with something she’s doing this weekend.

This information is going to let you know if she’s free.

6) Tell Her You’re Busy Today

No matter what she says when you ask her what she’s doing later, tell her you’re busy.

Tell her “I gotta go right now, but…”

You can even tease her with a “You’re taking up too much of my time so…” Just remember to smile after so she knows you’re just joking.

7) Ask For Her Number

This is where you ask for the number. Right after you say you have to go.

Keep in mind that this situation mostly works for meeting a girl on the spot. If you’re meeting them in a different social situation or you already know them, you can ask for her number like this…

“Hey, let me grab your number real quick so I don’t forget before I leave.”

This is a casual way to ask that feels completely harmless. However, make sure that she realizes your intentions before ever asking.

For example, don’t ask for her number so that you can share homework and then text her to go on a date. Let her know that you’re interested in her.

8) Text Her Within the 48 Hours

Wait too long and she’ll probably forget about you or lose interest. Text immediately after and you’ll sound desperate.

If you grabbed her number early in the day, text her that same night. If you got it a bit later, text her the next day at a time that most students aren’t busy.

9) Chat it Up

There are a million different ways to have a conversation with someone over text. It really depends on how your initial conversation went in person and if you’ve developed any inside jokes, call backs to previous convos, etc.

I like to lead with some sort of joke that relates to our earlier conversation.

Knowing how to flirt with a girl is not easy, but there are methods you can use whether you’re in person or not.

Just get to know her the same way you’d get to know any new friend. If she’s being flirtatious, flirt back!

Find common ground and ride that wave until it dies. Then, find more common ground and repeat the process.

10) Plan a Date

Planning a date can happen 5 minutes after texting or 2 weeks after texting. It really depends on how the conversation is going.

If she’s responding quickly to her texts and seems engaged/interested, feel free to shoot your shot whenever.

When you ask her out, make sure to have a plan in advance. Don’t ask her what she feels like doing. It shows lack of confidence.

For example, you can ask her something like… “We should meet up this weekend and grab some ice-cream. You in?”

Whatever your plan is, lay it out in the text and talk through the details with her from there. If it’s a surprise date, let her know that it’s a surprise. It might drive her crazy (in a good way)!

11) Take It From There

A lot of people expect some magical formula from this point on, but love doesn’t work like that.

If you guys are vibing, then you’re vibing. If not, then use these steps again with another girl you’re interested in.

Rejection will happen, so don’t beat yourself up. Be okay with the fact that not every girl is interested. It will only boost your confidence.

If you guys have been going on multiple dates and everything seems great, ask her to be your girlfriend. Success!

Other Ways to Get a Girlfriend in College Fast

Here are a few tips to help you score a girl while you’re in college…

1) DM a Girl on Instagram

We live in a time where most social things happen online. If you want to DM a girl on Instagram, feel free. It will only give you more options and time to gain confidence for in-person meetings!

2) Meet a Girl in Your Class

If you sit next to a girl in your class that you’re interested in, start making friends with her. At the very least, you’ll make a new homework/study buddy for that class.

If you guys hit it off, then you’ll know that meeting a girl in class is an easy way to get a girlfriend in college.

3) Build Your Confidence With Less Desirable Women

If you struggle with talking to pretty girls, start talking to girls that you’re much less interested in.

You don’t have to flirt with them or even try to grab their number. Just get more experience having conversations with girls.

Practice makes perfect. If you play 1,000 hours of the same video game, you’re going to be really good at that game.

If you talk to 1,000 girls, you’re going to get really good at talking to girls!

Things to Avoid

Here are a few things to avoid when looking for a college girlfriend:

  • Super cheesy pickup lines
  • Being creepy
  • Acting conceited

No one likes those overly cocky guys. Besides, you know that you’re not that person deep down inside. Never try to be someone you’re not.

With that being said, a boost in confidence is important. Just don’t be a douche. That’s the main point we’re trying to get at.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by following these steps, you will know how to get a girlfriend in college.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but most of them happen within minutes. As long as you’re prepared, that’s all that matters.

Remember to be yourself and to practice building confidence when you can.

Once you get a girlfriend, make sure you know how to be a better boyfriend so you can please her in the long run!

Good luck!

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