Disney Drinking Games – Best Movies & Drinking Game Rules You Must Know

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Are you looking to turn some childhood nostalgia into an opportunity to party?

Great, then these Disney drinking games are absolutely for you!

Now, we’ve covered lots of other drinking games on Manly & Modern like the Medusa drinking game or Fuzzy Duck.

But today, we’re covering some of the best Disney movie drinking games and everything you need to turn your next movie night into a bit of a rowdy one.

Let’s get to it!

Disney Drinking Games – General Rules & What You Need

Disney has hundreds of movies in its catalogue, but the great news is, you can basically turn any single one of them into a decent drinking game if you know some rules.

But first, here’s what you need to play:

  • A few friends who like Disney movies.
  • Some red solo cups or your cup of choice.
  • Something easy to drink a lot of, like beer or mixed drinks.

That’s about it!

Disney Drinking Game Rules

The way movie-based drinking games work is pretty simple.


Basically, when a set of things occur in the movie, everyone in the room has to take a sip of their drink.

Here are some general Disney drinking game rules you can use for your movie night

Drink everytime:

  • Someone breaks out into song
  • Whenever there’s a talking rodent or bird
  • If you see a castle
  • If you see a horse-drawn carriage
  • When a character enters something like a spooky forest or haunted place.
  • A fairy appears
  • Someone uses magic
  • Someones references love
  • People in the movie kiss
  • Someone says something super cheesy (like “believe in the power of love!”)
  • Someone’s parents die
  • There’s a flash-back to someone’s childhood

Now, these are just some basic Disney drinking game rules you can apply to your game, but get creative!

If I’m playing with friends, I like to add extra rules that are also person-specific.

For example, you can add rules like having a specific person chug their drink if a character lies, or if the villain does something specific.

You can also add more creative drinking rules, like: “take a shot of something if someone in the movie starts flying.”

The point is, you have a lot of room to get creative, so take the base set of rules and run with them!

The Best Disney Movie Drinking Games

Now that you know some basic Disney drinking games and general rules that apply to basically any movie, let’s dive into some of the best DIsney drinking games of all time!

1. Aladdin Drinking Game

Aladdin is an absolute classic Disney drinking game (and also fantastic movie.)

Here are some Aladdin drinking game rules you can try.

Drink when:

  • Anyone flys on a magic carpet
  • There’s a musical component
  • Abu gets mad
  • Someone says “street rat”
  • You see gold coins
  • Someone mentions “the lamp”
  • You see an elephant or camel
  • Someone pulls out a sword
  • You see the royal Palace
  • Genie grants one wish
  • Iago gets mad or eats a cracker


These are just some general rules, but again, get creative!

You can also assign someone in your group to be a specific character, and if that character does something you decide on, that player can finish their drink.

2. Hercules Drinking Game

Another popular Disney drinking game is the Hercules drinking game.

This is another classic movie that I watched a lot when I was growing up…now look at me, drinking to it!

Anyway, here are some Hercules drinking game rules you can implement.

Drink when:

  • Whenever someone sings
  • If Hercules is called “Jerkules”
  • Whenever Hercules and Pegasus bonk heads
  • When there’s an innuendo (there’s actually quite a few)
  • If Hades turns red
  • Chug at the planetary alignment
  • When someone says Zeus
  • When someone references one of the 12 labors of Hercules
  • Hercules gets called “Wonderboy”
  • Hercules breaks something
  • You enter the underworld


Again, you can get real creative, and there are so many characters in this movie, so don’t be afraid to make your own rules!

3. Disney Princess Drinking Games

Another classic category of Disney drinking games is anything that involves a princess.

I mean, princess movies are just a classic Disney throwback, and you can definitely turn these sorts of movies into drinking games.

So, for Disney Princess drinking games, you can drink whenever:

  • A character breaks into song
  • Someone references a charming prince or handsome prince
  • Animals talk (just the first time the animal talks)
  • You see a castle or carriage
  • Someone talks to animals
  • A princess does house chores
  • Parents are killed
  • You see an evil witch or sorcerer
  • A princess complains about the situation they’re in
  • Magic is used
Image courtesy of Disney.

This set of base rules should be enough to get started, and don’t be afraid to mix your own rules in!

Final Thoughts

I hope this ultimate list of Disney drinking games helps you prepare for your next movie night with friends!

Again, I think the real fun in all of this comes from making your own rules with your group of friends.

My favorite kind of rules are to assign chugs or shots, and you can also tie people in your group to specific characters.

In any case, have a blast, and remember to always drink responsibly and be safe!

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