Is Hinge Worth It? – Should You Pay For Hinge Preferred?

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In the world of dating apps, I have to say, Hinge is probably my favorite.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, there’s just something different about Hinge.

It’s…It’s almost like people who use Hinge want a relationships! Shocking, I know.

But, the main problem people have with Hinge is that you only get to send a few likes per day, so it can take a while to get matches and land dates.

To get around this, people can pay for a Hinge preferred membership to get unlimited likes and some other perks.

But, is Hinge premium worth it? And, is paying for Hinge worth it if you look at the other perks and upgrades you can get?

Well, let’s dive into everything you need to know about paying for Hinge premium, when it’s worth it or not, and how to make the decision!

What Do You Get With Free Hinge?

When you don’t pay for apps like Tinder and Bumble, you run out of swipes pretty quickly and miss out on certain features, like super likes or Tinder Boosts.

In contrast, you don’t really miss out on anything if you don’t pay for a Hinge preferred membership.

In fact, with a free Hinge account, you get:

  • 8 Hinge likes per day (likes reset at 4:00am local time)
  • Hinge standouts, which essentially highlight people and prompts that are getting the most likes in your area
  • The ability to complete your Hinge profile with information about yourself
  • The ability to connect your Instagram profile to your Hinge account
I love some good charcuterie lol.

In other words, you can use all of Hinge’s features with a free version.

So, is paying for Hinge worth it? And, if so, what do you get for being a preferred member?

What Is A Hinge Preferred Membership?

When you pay for a Hinge preferred membership, you get:

  • Unlimited Likes: You get unlimited likes per day versus the 8 daily likes with free Hinge
  • See Your Likes: You can see everyone who likes you, not just the most recent likes
  • Dating Preferences: You can set dating preferences like height or political views so Hinge only shows you profiles that match your filters
  • More Dates: According to Hinge, preferred members go on twice as many dates as free users.
An example of the preferences you can set as a Hinge Preferred member.

Honestly, the main draw of paying for Hinge is to get unlimited likes.

Preferences are nice, but really, you can just pass on people who don’t meet your specific wants, so this isn’t a deal breaker in my opinion.

How Much Does Hinge Preferred Cost?

Paying for Hinge is actually pretty pricey compared to paying for other dating apps.

Here’s how much a Hinge preferred membership costs:

  • 1 Month: $39.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $79.99 ($26.66 per month)
  • 6 Months: $119.99 ($19.99 per month)


Again, this is significantly more expensive than Tinder Plus and most Bumble upgrades.

Keep in mind, people on Hinge seem a little more serious about finding a relationship, so if you’re really looking for one too, maybe you can justify this hefty price tag.

But, maybe not…Let’s dive into if paying for Hinge preferred is worth it.

Is Hinge Preferred Worth It?

In my opinion, paying for Hinge Preferred isn’t worth it for most people.

The main reason is that most of the perks you get aren’t very significant, with the exception of unlimited likes.

For example, being able to see everyone who likes you versus just the most recent like doesn’t matter since you can just clear out the likes you’re not interested in.


On a similar note and, as mentioned, being able to set dating preferences with Hinge preferred saves time but doesn’t really change how effective the app is.

Having 8 daily Hinge likes honestly sucks, but this is still enough to match with people and schedule dates in my experience.

Plus, paying $39.99 per month for a monthly Hinge premium membership is steep; that’s almost $480 per year if you never prepay for more months in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Paying For Hinge Worth It?

In my opinion, paying for Hinge isn’t worth it because getting unlimited likes is the only real perk you get as a premium member.

Additionally, Hinge is quite expensive if you pay month-to-month, and I personally think the cost is too high to just get unlimited likes.

2. What Are Hinge Standouts?

Hinge Standouts are a new Hinge feature that highlights people and specific prompts that are getting a lot of likes in your area.


This is similar to Tinder Top Picks that basically highlights the most attractive and liked profiles in your area (let’s be blunt, this isn’t about personality.)

According to Hinge, this is a list of people who you’re most compatible with, but in my experience, my Hinge Standouts are just super attractive people with some funny prompts (I have no idea if we’re actually compatible.)

Anyway, Hinge Standouts are available for all Hinge users, so you don’t need to pay for Hinge to unlock this feature!

3. What Are Hinge Roses?

Hinge Roses are a type of like you can send to people in your Standouts list.


Roses are always seen first, so they trump basic likes people send.

Additionally, according to Hinge, sending a rose means you’re twice as likely to schedule a date.

This is basically a Tinder Super Like if you want an easily understandable comparison.

Now, all Hinge members get one free Hinge rose on Sunday that they can send to people in their Standouts list.

You can also buy more Hinge roses for varying amounts:

  • 3 Roses: $4.32 each ($12.96)
  • 12 Roses: $3.16 each ($37.92)
  • 50 Roses: $1.87 each ($93.50)

Paying for Hinge roses isn’t worth it in my opinion either.

I mean, common, have a little bit of restraint here.

Do you really want to blow almost $100 so you can basically super like some hot people in your area?

I’d rather pay for Hinge preferred if I was ever that desperate, but I don’t think paying for roses is ever worth it.

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How Many Hinge Likes Do You Get A Day?

You get 8 likes per day on Hinge as a free member.

If you pay for Hinge preferred, you get unlimited likes.

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Who Should Pay For Hinge Premium?

I’ve given similar advice in our articles on Tinder and Bumble, and here’s what I’ll say.

I don’t think paying for Hinge is worth it for most people because the main perk you get is unlimited likes, and that’s it.

But, there are a few scenarios where paying for Hinge might be worth it to you:

  • You’re really in the dumps (sorry, dude)
  • You’re traveling around some new cities and want to match with people quickly
  • You just moved to a new city and you want to meet some people quickly

Other than these three scenarios, I don’t think paying for Hinge premium is worth it since the price tag is quite high.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this guide helps you decide if paying for Hinge is worth it or not.

I honestly like Hinge the most out of all dating apps, but I’m happy with my free 8 likes a day and I won’t be paying for Hinge anytime soon.

If you have a different opinion, that’s totally fine: just make sure Hinge preferred fits into your monthly budget.

That’s all for this one! Best of luck on your Hinge dating attempts.

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