Chandelier Drinking Game – Rules & How To Make The Game More Fun!

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If you’re throwing a party with some friends or getting ready for a night out, chances are, a drinking game might start up at some point.

Drinking games are a fun, simple way to get everyone at your party involved and talking.

For this reason, we’ve covered numerous games before, from the Medusa drinking game to Fuzzy Duck.

So today, we’re covering another popular game: the chandelier drinking game.

If you want a game that’s a mix of beer pong and flip cup, this is absolutely the game for you!

How To Play The Chandelier Drinking Game

As mentioned, the chandelier game is basically a mix of beer pong and flip cup, and is perfect for small-medium sized parties.

Let’s break down how to play chandelier so you can make your next party a success!

1. Gather Supplies And Players

To play the chandelier drinking game, you need:

  • A round table
  • Several ping pong balls (you only need one, but let’s face it, you might lose one!)
  • Around 4 to 10 players
  • Everyone’s drink of choice (but the game works best with beer or mixed drinks)
  • Red solo cups

2. Set Up The Game

To play chandelier, have every player fill up their red solo cup with their drink of choice.

Players should fill the cups to the first bottom line at least, similar to a game of flip cup.

Next, have all the players arrange their red solo cups in a circle on the table.

Then, place an empty red solo cup in the middle of the table face-down. Finally, fill up another red solo cup to the brim with a drink and place this cup on top of the empty cup in the middle of the table.

This might sound confusing, but this handy video explains how to play the chandelier drinking game and set up the table:

You can also play without stacking the middle cup on an empty cup, but this makes the game less challenging and fun in my opinion.

3. Chandelier Drinking Game Rules

Once all the players are ready and you set up the table, you’re ready to play chandelier.

Here are the chandelier drinking game rules to start playing:

  1. One player begins the game by bouncing a ping pong ball off the table and into a drink
  2. If the player misses bouncing the ball, the next player to the left tries the same thing
  3. If a player sinks a ping pong ball into someone else’s cup, that player finishes their drink and refills it to rejoin the game. The player to the left still starts next and bounces the ping pong ball even if a player sinks a cup.
  4. If someone sinks a ping pong ball into the middle cup (that’s filled to the brim), everyone must quickly finish their drink and play a game of flip cup. The last person to finish flipping their cup has to drink the middle cup.

Now, here’s where you can choose two different versions of the chandelier drinking game.

In the traditional version, when you lose flip cup and drink the middle cup, you lose the game and don’t refill your own cup to join the game.

The game then continues until only one player is left standing in the game.

Now, if you’re in a rush and want people to keep playing, you can have losing players always refill their cup to keep on playing.

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Tips For Playing Chandelier

This is honestly one of my favorite drinking games, but here’s a few tips for how to make the game more fun or more challenging!

  1. Experiment with different-sized circles to make the game easier or harder
  2. Space out cups from one another so there are gaps in the circle
  3. Play with a shot in the middle red solo cup for some extra-high stakes!
  4. Play in teams of two, so you can accidentally bounce a ball in your partner’s cup if you aren’t careful

Those are just a few variations you can make for chandelier rules, but honestly, the traditional version is a lot of fun!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to play the chandelier drinking game, I hope your next party is a massive success!

Just remember: the game is best with around 6 to 12 players in my opinion, but you can technically play with about four players.

Happy partying!

Also remember to always drink in moderation and to be responsible.

Catch you guys in the next one!

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