How To Be More Suave (10+ Tips!) – The Ultimate Guide

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So, you’re wondering how to be suave?

Being suave is a classic characterstic of gentlemen.

The meaning of suave is to be confident, charming, and sophisticated. Picture James Bond or David Beckham, and you’re looking at a suave guy.

In this post, we’re covering how to be more suave and what that means for your looks, personality, and even the way you hold a conversation!

How To Be Suave – Main Pillars To Consider

There are a few foundational aspects that go into “being suave.” These include:

  • Your looks and how you dress
  • Certain personality
  • How you talk

Let’s dive into each of these elements below so you can be more suave!

How To Look Suave

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe to look more suave.

But, there are some style tips you can consider that will help you out!

1. Dress For The Occasion

The key to looking suave is knowing when exactly you need to dress it down and play your style up.

Looking too formal might not always work in your favor and can go against your desire for suaveness.

  • For instance, wearing a full suit while going to the supermarket for grocery shopping is bound to look out of place. However, the same suit makes guys look incredibly dapper at a top-notch restaurant for an exquisite night of fine dining.
  • Proper fitting clothes that are good in design can enhance your silhouette and make you look just as handsome and sophisticated, even if it’s not as formal as a suit and tie.

2. Dress To Impress

As a general rule of thumb, you should put some effort into your appearance, especially when it matters more than usual (like on a date or for an important interview).

  • If you don’t know what this means for picking out an outfit, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from stylish man in your social circle. An even better option would be to look for a woman’s advice, as they know precisely what dressing styles make a man look suave.

Finally, you can always look for men’s fashion advice and example outfits on Pinterest.


Pinterest has tons of suave outfit ideas, so it’s a free and fast way to get some fashion tips.

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3. Look For A Style Icon

If you don’t have any idea what a suave man looks like, turn to the experts.

Think of a particular gentleman who is the perfect embodiment of suave and takes inspiration and style tips on his dressing style (and, think David Beckham or another suave guy.)

  • Choosing a fashion icon from the contemporary epoch helps you get an idea of what clothes are currently trending and in fashion for men.
  • Male fashion icons from the 1940s and 1450s were deemed incredibly suave. So, as a bonus, you can check out how they used to dress and think of them as the ideal example of suave behavior and suave looks.

Don’t be afraid to turn to timeless pieces either; leather jackets, suits…you get the idea!

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4. Accessories Are Cool

A lot of guys don’t spice up their outfits with accessories or draw the line at a nice watch.

This is totally fine, but a very simple way to look more suave is to enhance your outfits with the right accessories.

After all, the tiniest details can take your outfit up a notch and complete the entire look.

Some great items you can accessorize your outfit with include:

  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Blazers or jackets
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces


You don’t have to go crazy here, but paying a bit more attention to your outfit is another great way to be more suave.

5. Be Hygienic

Learning how to dress suave is important, but it doesn’t matter if you let your personal hygiene slip.

The fact is you can’t be a suave guy if you look like you haven’t showered in weeks or smell bad.

  • Keep a neat and trim look. For instance, your facial hair and the hair on your head should be kept tidy at all times. It isn’t necessary to go for a clean-shave look, but you must regularly trim to look your best if you have facial hair, like a beard or a stubble. Otherwise, you’ll appear all grungy-looking despite having showered.
  • Just a tiny spritz of your favorite cologne before a date goes a long way. However, make sure not to soak yourself in with cologne because an overpowering scent is bound to turn people away.

How To Act Suave

A suave personality is also important alongside how you present yourself, so let’s examine a few tips to help out.

6. Smile & Be Open

Some guys are the strong silent type, but you don’t have to be.

Sometimes, a smile at the perfect timing can work wonders.

Moreover, it can play a tremendous role in impressing somebody and creating an excellent first impression.

People like friendly people, and learning how to be suave isn’t about being dark or mysterious. Rather, it’s about being charming, so keep this in mind!

7. Make Eye Contact

Like smiling, making eye contact signals to other people in the room that you’re attentive and listening to them.

It also shows confidence; you can’t be suave and charming if you stare at the floor when you talk to someone.

Just don’t overdo it or overthink it: you don’t want to be weird here, but look at people when you talk to them.

8. Use Inviting & Open Body Language

Your body language should seem welcoming and warm to the people around you so they can feel comfortable. A guy who’s aloof might have some appeal at least, but unfortunately, suaveness and aloofness don’t go well together.

Some examples of uninviting body language can be crossed arms or pointing your head or body away from a person you’re communicating with.

This shows your attention is directed towards something else, or you’re putting a physical barrier between the other person and yourself. You need to have an open and inviting body language to expect people to accept you.

9. Be A Gentleman

Another way to be more suave is to just be a gentleman.

This is basically the most essential characteristic of being and acting suave.

Some characteristics to adopt include:

  • Having control over your emotions
  • Treating others with respect
  • Having manners
  • Being positive
  • Being generous
  • Being smooth

These are just a few examples, but this is truly a cornerstone of how to be suave that you should practice.

10. Exhibit Self-Confidence

Another important aspect of having a suave personality is to be confident.

Now, this doesn’t mean showboating or being arrogant. However, you should hold your head up, have good posture, and not be afraid to talk to others or get yourself out there.

Basically, have good posture, look at people when you talk to them, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind or introduce yourself to people.

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How To Talk Suave

Last but not least, here are 3 helpful communication tips to wrap up our guide on how to be suave.

11. Enhance Your Vocabulary

Part of being suave means being a good communicator.

And, part of communicating well means having a versatile vocabulary.

An excellent vocabulary strikes the impression you’re educated, intelligent, and witty.

Having a strong vocabulary also makes you a better storyteller, improves your storytelling, and can make you more romantic.

12. Speak Naturally

While an enhanced vocabulary can be an excellent trait to own, a suave man never pushes it too much.

If you do this, it shows you are trying too hard and forcing yourself to speak unnaturally. Just try polishing your natural way of speaking.

13. Be A Conversationalist

Another way to be more suave is to work on your conversation skills.

And I’m not just talking about small talk here, although you should know how to hold a civil, basic conversation with people you’re just meeting.

Rather, think about ways to really connect with people when you meet them or when you’re hanging out.

Ask people about themselves, or spur interesting, meaningful conversation with people. And, if you disagree with someone about something, do it with grace and keep an open mind rather than getting angry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Suave A French Word?

Yes, suave is a French word that means sweet in English.

This isn’t the most perfect translation honestly, and in English, suave means being charming, confident, and sophisticated.

2. Can A Girl Be Suave?

Suave is a term that’s typically used for men in the same way that “handsome” is a term for men whereas “beautiful” is a term for women.

Of course, women can and do have suave characteristics. But you would likely describe a woman like this as being elegant, intriguing, or something similar.

3. What Is Suave Style?

This largely depends on where you live since cultural norms play a massive role in what type of fashion is considered nice.

However, suave style typically means:

  • Dressing sharp
  • Being clean and well-groomed
  • Wearing clothing that matches the occasion
  • Accessorizing your outfits
  • Having your own personal touch

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on how to be suave helps you understand the pillars that make up a suave man.

Honestly, don’t overthink this sort of thing: After all, overanalyzing your every move is the last thing you want if you want to be suave.

Really, you should focus on being confident and happy in your own skin and developing your own personality and fashion sense.

If you do that, you’ll have no trouble being suave and increasing your own self-image.

Thanks so much for reading!

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