About Manly & Modern

There is a wealth of information out there that covers advice for young men, dating, career tips, fashion, and more.

Some of this information is stellar.

We’ve loved websites like The Art of Manliness, for example, for a long time. Websites like this have a wealth of information that can help guide men to becoming better versions of themselves.

But, we also think that times are changing.

Technology makes the world move faster than ever before. We also think that the concept of being a ‘man’ is much different these days than, say, 50 or ever 25 years ago.

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Additionally, a lot of the content targeting young men out there focuses too much on being ‘alpha,’ or overly-cocky ways to boost your image or status in the eyes of other people.

We’ve personally never liked that sort of content, and we honestly don’t think that sort of advice does much good.

So, what is Manly & Modern all about?

Well, here’s what you should expect to find on this blog:

  • Useful personal development resources to help improve productivity, thought-patterns, and habits.
  • Relationship advice, be it for friends, family, significant others, or online dating apps.
  • Social tips on topics ranging from classic cocktails to the best drinking/party games.
  • Career and personal finance guidance to help you take charge of your financial well-being.
  • Awesome workout content like our Chris Bumstead workout routine or Cam Newton workout guide.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager, in your early 20’s, or somewhere else in life.

It’s our hope that this corner of the internet provides a bit of help for whatever you’re searching for and gets you back on track if you’ve fallen off the wagon recently.

The Manly & Modern Team

If you’re wondering who the team behind this blog is, here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes so you can learn a little bit more about us!

Daniel Friedman


Daniel is one of the co-founders on Manly & Modern, and like a lot of people reading this blog, he’s also in his early 20s!

Daniel is also the owner of Modern Teen, a blog for teenagers and young adults that tackles topics like:

  • Teenage life hacks
  • Fashion advice
  • Dating tips for men and women
  • Fitness routines
  • Advice for young men trying to navigate through life

On Manly & Modern, Daniel continues to bring coverage to topics like relationship advice for men, fashion and lifestyle hacks, and other topics to help young men succeed.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys hobbies like working out, archery, volleyball, and exploring Los Angeles.

Tom Blake


Tom Blake is the other co-founder of Manly & Modern and is also a dude in his early 20s looking to share some life lessons and tips with others.

Tom and Daniel began working together a few years ago when they collaborated on another blogging project.

After working together, the idea to start Manly & Modern to help other young men was born!

Tom focuses on writing content about various dating apps like Hinge and Bumble, drinking games, fashion advice, and personal development tips to help men succeed.

Tom is also the owner of This Online World, a personal finance blog that helps people make money online, start new side hustles, and develop passive income streams.

These days, Tom is trying out the digital nomad lifestyle, living in locations like Medellin Colombia or Dubai while he blogs and freelance writes online.

Why Follow Manly & Modern?

So, what can you expect if you stick around and read out content?

Well, it’s our goal for Manly & Modern to help:

  • People develop more confidence.
  • People expand their knowledge and work on personal development.
  • People to be happier overall.

A lot of blogs in this niche focus on being alpha, or showboating, but that’s not the vision for Manly & Modern.

The true point of all of this is to help people focus on actionable, real ways they can improve their life and be happier.

How you accomplish this mission is completely up to you. I just hope that some of the resources you find on this blog help you get there a little bit faster.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you consider sticking along for the ride!

– Daniel & Tom from Manly & Modern.

P.S. if you want to get in touch with Daniel or Tom, you can use our Contact Form to get in touch!

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