About Manly & Modern

There is a wealth of information out there that covers advice for young men, dating, career tips, fashion, and more.

Some of this information is stellar.

I’ve loved websites like The Art of Manliness, for example, for a long time. I think websites like this have a wealth of information that can help guide men to becoming better versions of themselves.

But, I also think that times are changing.

Technology makes the world move faster than ever before. I also think that the concept of being a ‘man’ is much different these days than, say, 50 or ever 25 years ago.

Image courtesy of Gigazine

Additionally, I also think a lot of the content targeting young men out there focuses too much on being ‘alpha,’ or overly-cocky ways to boost your image or status in the eyes of other people.

I’ve personally never liked that sort of content, and I honestly don’t think that sort of advice does much good.

So, what is Manly & Modern all about?

Well, here’s what you should expect to find on this blog:

  • Useful personal development resources to help improve productivity, thought-patterns, and habits.
  • Relationship advice, be it for friends, family, significant others, or online dating apps.
  • Social tips on topics ranging from classic cocktails to the best drinking/party games.
  • Career and personal finance guidance to help you take charge of your financial well-being.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager, in your early 20’s, or somewhere else in life.

It’s just my hope that this corner of the internet provides a bit of help for whatever you’re searching for and gets you back on track if you’ve fallen off the wagon recently.

So, Who Am I?

I’m sure you’re wondering, who is this random dude who has decided to spew out articles on productivity or personal development resources for men.

Well, nice to meet you! I’m Tom!

Here’s a quick bit of information about me:

  • I’m a 23 year old originally from Toronto, Canada.
  • I went to college for psychology and marketing.
  • I now work full-time as a freelance writer. I also own and operate the blog This Online World – a personal finance blog that helps people make money online and improve their finances.


I’m not rich, nor have I started successful businesses that make millions. I don’t drive a Lamborghini, or anything even close to it.

I also don’t have all the answers, of course. But, as I said, I don’t want Manly & Modern to be some alpha showboating contest that pretends to be the definitive guide on what it means to be a successful dude.

What I really envision for this blog is two main goals:

  • I want to share what I learn as I progress through my early 20’s about all of the categories mentioned above.
  • I also want to share some of the strategies and decisions that have worked out well for me.

I graduated from college at 21 with a shitty degree, an okay job, a mediocre relationship, and absolutely zero idea about what I wanted to do with my life.

Somehow, over the next 2 years, I managed to grow my first blog, This Online World, to more than 50,000 monthly readers:


My blog also let me take the plunge into becoming a full-time freelance writer/blogger, become completely location independent, and even quit my job to move to Colombia for a bit.

The last 2 years have also enabled me to learn more about the potential that’s out there in terms of improving your career and personal finance and figuring out how to do what it is you actually want to do.

A recent photo from some time spent writing down in Medellin, Colombia.

Now, this also isn’t a “working a 9-5 job is the devil and here’s how to live out your hopes and dreams” sort of shtick either…I worked a 9-5 job for 2 years, and it had plenty of perks and fun moments. In fact, I think people should try both regular employment and freelancing to see what suits them best.

The true point of all of this is to help people focus on actionable, real ways they can improve their life and be happier.

How you accomplish these 2 tasks is completely up to you. I just hope that some of the resources you find on this blog help you get there a little bit faster.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you consider sticking along for the ride as this blog gets off the ground.

– Tom