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It really seems like podcasts are more popular than ever these days.

I mean, there are podcasts about nearly everything, from true crime to religion and from government-based to even self-help.

Self-help also is becoming a more and more important topic of conversation in today’s world, especially for men. Plus, it never hurts to engage in a bit of personal development and self improvement.

Personal development is, honestly, one of the areas in which men have been left out of the most in the past. Thankfully, there are new things such as podcasts to assist in building personal development, even among men.

Time to break down some of the best self-help podcasts in 2022 that are the perfect resource for anyone looking towards self improvement.

Why is Self-Help and Improvement Important?

Before diving into the list, it is important to understand why self-help is important in the first place.

Self-development and improvement helps you to become the best version of you. I know it’s cheesy or cliche, but it’s true: we can all become better, kinder, and ultimately happier versions of ourselves with some effort.
Many people, including Buddhist Monks, regularly practice meditation as part of daily life. Meditation is often thought of as a way to become more self-aware and to practice mindfulness.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start your journey of self improvement. Thankfully, listening to these self-help podcasts can assist you also in becoming motivated to become your best self.

When becoming your best self, you no longer have to follow society’s standards. You can live for yourself in a way that makes yourself happy. You can feel proud to be who you are without compromise. Your confidence will only soar when you are able to lean into this side of your mindset and grow towards this.

When you are able to become more confident (and gentlemanly), you will most likely become more successful in all that is around you as well.

You will land more dates, potentially get that dream job, and even make more friends when you know who you are and feel comfortable in your own skin. You also will also learn to ditch any self-hatred and disdain surrounding yourself or others and to be a more positive person overall.

Now, if you don’t know where to begin your self improvement goals, checkout one of the best 2022 self help podcasts below.

The Best Self-Help Podcasts of 2022

1. The Life Coach School Podcast

The Life Coach School Podcast
The Life Coach School Podcast has over 300 episodes, so this is definitely a comprehensive self improvement podcast to try out.

Each episode is devoted to self-help and self-improvement, but it isn’t some sort of hippie nonsense. The host of this podcast is Brooke Castillo, who focuses on problem-solving based on brain management techniques to help people better their lives.

Castillo is actually the owner of the Life Coach School as well. In the school, she trains employees who are looking to become life coaches.

In her podcast, Brooke teaches you to life coach yourself through her specific coaching model that she has developed. This coaching model is used to teach you how to problem-solve to achieve the best results for a healthy and satisfactory life.

There are numerous topics throughout the 300 episodes that are offered. These include information on goal setting to overcome problems, changing negative thought patterns that are problem-based, and regulating emotional problems.

Ultimately, The Life Coach School Podcast is able to remind you that you have the power to change any negativity you do not want in your life through effective problem-solving and powerful mindsets.

2. Mindvalley Project

Mindvalley Podcast

The Mindvalley Podcast is hosted by Vishen Lakhiani. It is a relatively new self-help podcast, but it is one of the best ones available right now.

Lakhiani offers advice and information from some of the other top leaders in the realm of self-help and inspiration to ensure you are becoming the best version of yourself possible.

Some examples of individuals who have been featured on the Mindvalley Podcast include Tom Chi, Neale Donald Walsch, the Butchers and more. There are numerous topics that are covered as well, such information on running a successful business, growing in confidence into the best version of you and learning to be more mindful.

Plus, The Mindvalley Podcast focuses on different life stages as well, so this self-help podcast is perfect for young and old men alike.

There are truly topics for almost anything you need to help yourself. Many of the podcasts available are divided into topics on the website to help you easily find what you need.

There are even podcasts available to assist you in love and relationships when you need extra help in these areas. Like was said, there is literally something for every aspect of self-help in this podcast!

3. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

The Knowledge Project
The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish features over eighty episodes. The host also runs a blog called Farnam Street that leans into growing in decision making.

Shane utilizes literature to assist in the development of these techniques, and this continues through in his podcasts that he offers.

Parrish features some of the top names in the entertainment, business and self-help industries on his podcast. There have been professors, teachers, wealthy individuals and even athletes and coaches showcased. Some of the names featured have included John Maxwell, Jim Collins, Dr. Emily Nagoski, Adam Robinson and many more. Each has provided there own valuable insight into self-help in each episode.

Though the episodes intend to focus on self-help and inspiration, there are some episodes in which you have to take the information in your own way. This means that it is abstract in a way to allow you to determine how the information given can assist you. This can benefit you better in the long run, however, as you can grow through developing your own thoughts.

4. The Art of Manliness

There are over 600 episodes in The Art of Manliness podcast, and if you’ve never checked out the actualy Art of Manliness blog, you should definitely give it a read as well.

The goal of this podcast is to help you become a better man through slightly humorous, yet immensely enriching podcasts. The host is Brett McKay, whose goal is to help men live their best lives and understand themselves better in this modern era.

The first way McKay wants to assist you in these goals is by inviting guest speakers who are inspirational men in their industries. Previous guests have included Daniel Pink, Nassim Taleb, Water Isaacson and Mike Rowe. McKay himself is an expert in his field as well as he is the founder of The Art of Manliness blog, one of the best man-focused publications around.

Other ways McKay wants to assist you in reaching the goal of living your best life and understanding yourself is by understanding the culture in which you live first off.

Based on this current culture, he wants you to appreciate and learn the ancient ideations of manliness. This combined adds to a life with some fun, great decision-making, and action oriented steps, in every part of life.

If you’re a history buff, you absolutely need to checkout this self-help podcast the next time you’re itching to listen to something awesome.

5. The Mindful Kind

The Mindful Kind podcast, hosted by Rachael Kable, is considered the top self-help podcast available right now. There are over 200 episodes that are all focused on steps to take to become the best version of you. Each step is focused on mindfulness, which is the art of staying in tune with your mind and your thought patterns.

Information provided in each episode include tips on how to become more mindful and engage in mindfulness on a daily basis.

There are even example mindfulness techniques shared concerning specific self-help ideations. Mindfulness is a very powerful tool to inspire you towards greater awareness, less stress, more motivation and better relationships in the long run.

This podcast is great for individuals who live a busy life but want to learn how to take a step back and to reflect. If this sounds like you, be sure to check this one out.

The episodes are only around ten minutes long. If you work a lot, this can be listed almost anytime you have a short break or during your commute. Even this short of a podcast is able to make a large impact on your self improvement goals.

6. The Good Life Project

There are over 600 episodes of The Good Life Project podcast, and this is definitely one of the most popular self improvement podcasts arouns.

Each episode features a top name in inspirational thinking. Top names have included Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss, Jonathan Fields, Morgan Harper Nichols, Andy Grammar and many more special guests. Jonathan Fields is actually the primary host of this podcast.

Every episode of The Good Life Project podcast focuses on real world situations. There is advice offered on literally every topic that you may need assistance in growing in. Each topic has an expert share his or her opinions on the topic to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date and accurate information available on the topic.

Each expert is able to share their own specific ideas, and you can easily integrate these ideas using a method that works for you and your needs. If you want to run a business, for instance, Tim Ferriss’ episode will help you in learning how to improve yourself to be the best businessman you can possibly be.

There are topics on literally any self-help topic imaginable, however, so I recommend digging through the extensive list of episodes to find ones that interest you.

7. The Art of Charm

Art-of-Charm-PodcastThe Art of Charm is a literal one of a kind podcast, and it’s been featured in so many national publications.

It is focused on improving your communication skills to assist you in building relationships, building partnerships and growing businesses. Great communication is absolutely necessary to become the best version of you possible, especially when considering your persuasive and social skills.

Let’s be honest here: men aren’t always the best at communicating their feelings. If you want to improve your relationships and ditch bad habits that block you from effectively communicating, this is a must-listen to podcast.

The two hosts of The Art of Charm are AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak. They want you to focus your communication skills on inner confidence and connection. Relationships are the ultimate part of becoming your best self according to the hosts.

This podcast has even helped those who are naturally introverted in becoming more extroverted in order to build better relationships.

The Art of Charm truly has the ability to change your life by allowing you to meet new people. This is only possible if you take the advice that is given to you through the podcast to heart. Be sure to give this one a chance if you are looking for a new relationship, more friends or are looking to grow a business.

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8. Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Daily Living is a very unique podcast that is different from many of the others on this list. Justin Malik is the host of this self-improvement podcast. New episodes are released daily to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date assistance possible in the realm of self-help and self-improvement.

The information provided through Optimal Daily Living is not created by the host. Malik, rather, reads inspirational information from blogs of other individuals on the podcast.

The information read is only the best of the best that Malik is able to find through his own research. It adds a personal note by having someone read it to you rather than just skimming through the information on the web.

Topics that have been covered through the podcast have included self-improvement obviously, but more specifically minimalistic living, increasing motivation and much more. Through the podcast, you will not only get more information on improving yourself to your best life. You will receive more information about websites and blogs you may want to follow to continue improving yourself.

If you’re too busy to scour the internet for great reads, Optimal Daily Living is a great self improvement resource to turn to.

9. The Brendon Show

Brendon Burchard, the host of The Brendon Show, is one of the top public influencers in the world. He is actually a high performance coach.

But, Brendon isn’t just coach. In fact, he is also is a motivational speaker who has spoken to crowds of over 20,000 people about how to go about living their best lives.

The Brendon Show is a very personal insight into how he himself overcomes his own personal struggles to become his best self. He then takes his own stories of overcoming and personal development and turns them into advice for you. Having this professional perspective can greatly assist you in feeling as if you are not alone and inspired.

There are two episodes released every week for this podcast. One episode is solely focused on the advice that Brendon has to offer, while the other is focused on the stories that have led to that advice.

The advice that he gives is able to be put into action right away as well, without seeming impossible to reach. This is definitely a more relatable self-help podcast for men, if I had to say so.

Final Thoughts

Self-help is so important. However, men often neglect this area of life for a variety of reasons. The need to feel manly, communication barriers, or being caught up with the hectic nature of everyday life are common examples.

It is important for you to lean into this area of self-improvement and self-help as well, however, in order to become the best version of yourself.

Hopefully, the 9 self-help podcasts listed above have valuable information concerning living your best life, that can truly assist you in achieving exactly who you want to become.

Just remember, don’t be too hard on yourself! Self improvement takes time and practice, and you can definitely make the journey a little easier by using some of the awesome resources in this article.

Do you have a favorite self improvement podcast or resource? Let us know what it is in the comments!

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