Best Time To Boost On Hinge (& What Hinge Boost Does)

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I recently remade my Hinge profile to get a fresh start.

And, to my surprise, the app prompted me to use a Hinge Boost so I could get more views on my profile to start getting matches.

Plenty of apps have this feature, and you’ve probably used Tinder Boost before or put yourself into the Bumble spotlight before.

But before you go boosting on Hinge, it’s important to understand what this feature does and how to use it properly.

That’s why this post is covering the best times to boost on Hinge and how to decide if this feature is even worth it.

What Is Hinge Boost?

A Hinge Boost places your profile in front of more users for one hour so you get more views. Since you get more views, you should theoretically get more likes to your profile and more matches overall.

Hinge Boost

You can find the option to use Hinge Boost when you go to your likes tab and tap the “Boost” button in the top right corner.

Like Hinge Roses, you buy packs of Hinge Boosts if you want to use this feature.

Here’s how much Hinge Boosts cost:

  • 1 Boost: $13.99 each.
  • 3 Boosts: $11.99 each.
  • 5 Boosts: $10.59 each.

Hinge Boost PriceNote that regular Hinge Boosts last for one hour, meaning your profile gets extra exposure for just 60 minutes.

What Is The Hinge Super Boost?

A Hinge Super Boost is like a regular boost except it lasts for 24 hours instead of 1 hour. This costs $25.99 to use and run for the complete 24 hours from the second you activate the boost.

A regular Hinge Boost states you can get seen by 11 times more people within an hour, so it stands to reason that the Hinge Super Boost gets you seen by even more profiles than normal over the 24 hour span.

When’s The Best Time To Boost On Hinge?

Since a regular Hinge Boost only lasts one hour, it’s vital to use your boosts when the most people are on the app.

So, what’s the best time to use boost on Hinge?

Well, this all depends on when people are more active on dating apps and are more likely to stumble across your profile.

The best times to boost on Hinge include:

  • Friday evening as people finish work
  • Sunday night
  • 7pm to 10pm during the week

In other words, you want to boost on Hinge when people are most likely on their phone swiping through dating apps.

Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t mean boosting on Friday and Saturday night since people are often too busy with plans and friends to be on dating apps.

When you tap on Hinge Boost, it also states how many times more people will see your profile for that hour, so look for periods when it says a high number.

Does Hinge Boost Work? – What Other Hinge Users Say

Hinge Boosts are expensive, so you shouldn’t use this feature lightly.

But even if you use Hinge Boost at the best time, is this feature worth it?

Well, in this Reddit thread, one user shares their experience with using Hinge Boost, and many other daters chime in:

  • Intrepid-Finding8417 says: “I stopped dealing with that boost stuff from dating apps long ago. Once you understand this stuff is made to make you spend money you realize it’s pointless. More women can see you. Ok. If your profile isn’t up to par then the boost is still pointless.”
  • behold_the_man says: “Not worth the 14.99!”
  • HeauxBaby says: “A lot of girls don’t even swipe because their like queue is full of likes.”
  • BlackCardRouge says: “Boosts are for the ladies — they are the ones who go through their likes. If you’re a guy your money is better spent on unlimited messages.”

Best Time To Hinge BoostThere are lots of great points in this Reddit Thread about the best times to use Hinge Boost.

But the main problem with Hinge Boost is that many women don’t swipe on the app since they get flooded with likes from men.

So, as a dude, you’re better off paying for Hinge Preferred if you really want to get more matches so you can send unlimited likes per day.

Boosts really are better on apps like Hinge and Bumble where people swipe more mindlessly.

But since you only get limited Hinge likes per day and many women don’t even swipe, Hinge Boosts don’t work that well.

Is Hinge Boost Worth It?

In my opinion, Hinge Boost isn’t worth it because it’s very expensive and many people don’t swipe actively on Hinge anyway. If you want more Hinge matches, you’re better off paying for unlimited likes than paying for boosts.

Tips For Boosting On Hinge

Knowing the best time to boost on Hinge is the first step in using this feature and getting the most views possible.

However, you need to have other pieces in place for a Hinge Boost to have a chance of working.

1. Add Some New & Nice Photos

If it’s been a while since you’ve added new and nice photos to your profile, consider holding off on boosting.

The reason a lot of profiles don’t get many matches is because of poor photos, not because they’re not getting seen.

This is a painful pill to swallow, but you might need to ask your friend for a Hinge photoshoot one of these days if you never get any matches.

2. Ask Your Friends For A Profile Review

One good idea before boosting on Hinge is to ask your friends for a profile review.

Basically, get them to roast you, pick photos to swap out, and to come up with funnier prompts to make your profile stand out.

3. Take Advantage Of Prompts

Speaking of prompts, make sure you add some to your profile!

Hinge Prompt

Funny prompts can show off your humor, or make a photo stand out more. So, add these to your profile before using Boost on Hinge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Active Time On Hinge?

The most active time on Hinge is roughly from 6pm to 11pm as people finish dinner and work and get on dating apps before bed. This is generally the best time to boost on Hinge with the exception of Friday and Saturday night since people are too busy.

How Long Do Boosts Last On Hinge?

A regular Hinge Boost lasts one hour from when you activate it. A Hinge Super Boost lasts 24 hours from when you activate it.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on the best time to Hinge Boost helps you make the most out of this feature and decide if it’s even worth using.

In my opinion, Hinge Boost is too expensive to be worth it.

And, it’s not nearly as effective as boosting on Tinder or Bumble.

Hinge is still my favorite dating app since it’s a bit more serious. But think carefully before spending money on Hinge Boost, and use your boost at the right time if you buy one!

Besides, you can always pay for Hinge Preferred or even something like Tinder Platinum if you really need more matches.

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