50+ Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

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So, it’s a Friday night, you’re in your college dorm room or house, and you just got invited to an anything but a cup party.

This party trend is honestly one of the most absurd and frankly hilarious trends going on right now.

And, an anything but a cup party is also the perfect opportunity to show off your creative side and to have some drinks with your best friends.

So in this post, I’m covering 40+ of the best anything but a cup party ideas you can use to ensure your party is a success.

What Is An Anything But A Cup Party?

An anything but a cup party is a party where people can’t drink anything out of a regular cup. This means you have to consume drinks out of make-shift cups or any sort of item that can hold liquid.

This is a similar idea to an anything but clothes party, and you can definitely get creative here.

Sometimes, anything but a cup parties follow a theme. You can also dress up in a costume that matches your cup idea if it makes sense to do so.

But very often, these are regular parties without a dress code; you just can’t use regular drinkware!

So, if you’re looking for some of the best anything but a cup ideas, you’re in luck because this article has loads of them!

The Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

If you want some funny anything but a cup ideas to make your night a success, here are some of our top picks:

1. A Traffic Cone

Somehow, traffic cones and college parties seem to go hand in hand beautifully.

There’s just something alluring about these orange plastic beauties that just makes you want to snag one on the way home from the bar.

I swear, the number of times I’ve seen a traffic cone in someone’s college house is definitely too high at this point. And, if you have a traffic cone laying around, it’s also a hilarious anything but a cup idea you can try.

Traffic Cone Drinking
A yes, the classic traffic cone chug.

You can also buy plastic ones off of Amazon if you want an easy solution. Just please make sure you sanitize the inside of the cone very well if you bring one off the street!

2. A Vase

If you don’t mind lugging around a vase all night, this is another classic idea for your anything but a cup party.

This is also an opportunity to get some absurd vases or weird shapes to drink out of, and you can snag a cheap vase at your local Walmart or dollar store.

3. Super Soakers

If you like the idea of a spray bottle, a super soaker is another great idea for your anything but a cup party.

You can get water pistols or a full-on super soaker blaster if you’re willing to spend $15 to $30.

Super Soaker Anything But A CupThis is an awesome one because you can pump and pressurize you alcohol, letting you shoot jets of booze into the mass of a party.

Okay, that’s a surefire way to create a mess, but you can also blast alcohol into people’s mouths or just your own.

4. A Blender

If you have a blender laying around, this is a simple-yet-effective anything but a cup idea to try.

And one pro tip with this is to bring ice and ingredients to actually make some good drinks, like margaritas or pina colada.

I mean, if you have a blender, you might as well make some drinks with it!

5. A Spray Bottle

One of the most classic anything but a cup ideas is to put your drink of choice into a spray bottle.

Spray Bottle Anything But A Cup

Personally, I like this idea because it makes sharing your drinks with others easy.

You can also get spray bottles that let you mist your alcoholic beverage or shoot a stream of it, and it’s a very cheap idea as well.

6. A Conch Shell

If the anything but a cup party you’re going to has a beach or Hawaii theme, a conch shell is the perfect item to bring.

You can usually find plastic ones at the dollar store, or even real ones at home decor stores.

The odd shape of a conch makes it quite funny to drink out of, and again, it’s the perfect drinkware for anything beach-themed.

7. Cooking Ware

Another common anything but a cup idea is to drink out of some type of cookware.

This usually includes:

  • Frying pans
  • Pots
  • Skillets

In short, anything in your kitchen that can hold liquid is fair game here!

8. A Toilet Plunger

One funny idea for an anything but a cup party is to drink out of a toilet plunger.

Of course, you can and should buy a new one from the store. But it’s funny because at first glance, drinking from a plunger looks absolutely revolting.

9. A Coconut

While some might consider this cheating, you can always bring a coconut to drink out of for your anything but a cup party.

Credit to Meagan on Pinterest!

Coconuts are very cheap at the grocery store, and you can drill or crack one open so you can pour more liquid into it after you drain it of coconut water.

Like the conch shell, this idea is also perfect for any tropical-themes anything but a cup party.

10. A Tea Kettle

Like cookware, the tea kettle is a classic alternative to normal drinkware you can use.

Bonus points if you make fun of the Brits and bring along some biscuits and snacks!

11. A Beer Hat

Again, this idea might be considered cheating or a slight cop-out.

However, a beer hat is the perfect anything but a cup party idea because it keeps things simple.

Beer Hat Anything But A Cup IdeaPlus, you can always use the hat for other events throughout the year, like Halloween, Frat parties, or St. Patrick’s Day.

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12. A Condiments Bottle

Another cheap and quick idea for anything but a cup parties is to empty out a condiments bottle and to replace it with your drink.

This is also funny because it looks like you’re squirting mustard or ketchup into your mouth (use a red drink here for even more laughs.)

13. Lawn Ornaments

One of the best anything but a cup ideas I saw was a hollowed-out plastic lawn Flamingo.

But you can get insanely creative here and use things like bird baths, garden gnomes, or any sort of lawn ornament you can think of!

14. A Pool Noodle

If you’re a fan of chugging drinks, I definitely think a pool noodle is your best bet here.

The only way to drink out of a pool noodle is to funnel essentially, and pool noodles are also super cheap at any dollar store.

15. A Dog Bowl

One final idea for your anything but a cup party is to use a dog or cat bowl.

This isn’t cheating since it’s not drinkware for humans, so don’t let anyone call you out!

Even More Funny Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

If you’re still looking for some of the best anything but a cup party ideas, here are even more options you can consider:

  1. A gas canister
  2. A can of beans
  3. Watering can
  4. Frisbee
  5. A garbage bag
  6. Buckets
  7. Coffee pot
  8. Fruit (like a cut open watermelon or pineapple)
  9. A boot or shoe
  10. A Halloween skull or decoration
  11. A prosthetic leg (this one is super niche but hilarious)
  12. A Mr. Potato Head or some other toy
  13. A water backpack
  14. A viking drinking horn
  15. A sunscreen bottle
  16. Chemistry equipment
  17. A soap dispenser
  18. A cereal bowl with a built in straw for kids
  19. A cup made out of Lego
  20. A pickle jar
  21. A cooler
  22. A balloon
  23. A rubber glove
  24. A ziplock bag
  25. A Pringles can
  26. An iron or clothing steamer
  27. A fish bowl
  28. A puggy bank
  29. An inflatable pool
  30. A toaster (although you have to throw it out after)
  31. A honey jar
  32. A wheelbarrow
  33. A baby bottle
  34. A turkey baster
  35. A purse or bag
  36. Medicine bottles

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Other Tips To Make The Party A Success

Now that you know some of the best anything but a cup ideas, here are a few more tips to make the party a success!

  1. Throw a themed party
  2. Set ground rules early for what is and isn’t allowed
  3. Make a small prize pool and have everyone vote on the best anything but a cup idea
  4. Add some drinking games into the party like Medusa or Chandelier
  5. Always clean out the item you plan on drinking from, and make sure it’s air-tight or at least easy to avoid spills

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Other Names For An Anything But A Cup Party?

Some other names for an anything but a cup party include:

  • ABC party
  • Bring your own cup party
  • Not a cup party
  • Nothing but a cup party
  • Everything but a cup party

Is There A Dress Code?

No, anything but a cup parties don’t usually have a dress code, so you can go casual. However, you can consider matching your outfit to fit the theme of the item you’re drinking out of.

For example, you can dress as a construction worker if you’re drinking out of a traffic code. Or, dress in Hawaiian apparel if drinking out of a coconut.

What Are Some Funny Things To Drink Out Of?

Funny things to drink out of include lawn ornaments, pet bowls, or everday objects that people wouldn’t expect you to consume beverages from. You can also drink out of water guns or spray bottles since it’s fun to shoot liquid from them.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of anything but cups ideas helps you prepare for your upcoming party and have a blast!

This is honestly one of my favorite party styles, and I think it really brings out the creativity in people.

Plus, it’s generally a very cheap party to attend or host, and chances are, something in your home is the perfect drinkware alternative.

Happy partying, and remember to drink and party responsibly!

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