Tinder Read Receipts (2022) – Know If Someone Reads Your Tinder Message

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If you’ve been using Tinder for a while, you might have noticed it has a new feature in the app now: read receipts.

Like your regular texting read receipts, Tinder read receipts are the perfect way to get left on read (or to leave someone speechless?)

Jokes aside, this is a new feature that helps Tinder users keep tabs on when people read their messages.

But how do Tinder read receipts work? And, more importantly, how much do they cost and are they even worth using?

Let’s dive in.

Does Tinder Have Read Receipts?

Tinder read receipts are a new feature that lets you know when your match reads your messages on Tinder. If the person you’re talking to also has read receipts enabled, they also see when you read their conversation.

Read Receipts Tinder

Again, this is exactly like sending read receipts over text, and it lets two people in a Tinder conversation know when their message was actually read, not just received.

However, the main difference is that you have to activate Tinder read receipts for the matches you want read receipts on.

This is because you buy read receipt credits, and when you activate read receipts on a conversation, it uses one of those credits.

How Much Do Tinder Read Receipts Cost

I actually found this incredibly surprising, but Tinder read receipts aren’t free unlike your normal texting read receipts.

You also don’t get free read receipts with Tinder Platinum, Gold, or Plus either; this is a pay-to-use feature regardless of your Tinder plan.

You buy Tinder read receipts in packs of 1, 5, or 20.

Here’s how much read receipts on Tinder cost:

  • 1 Read Receipt: $3.99 each.
  • 5 Read Receipts: $2.52 each.
  • 20 Read Receipts: $1.29 each.

Tinder Read Receipts

Again, you have to activate Tinder read receipts on specific conversations where you want to use them, so it’s not something that just applies to every active conversation you have going on.

How To Turn On Tinder Read Receipts

Here’s how you turn on read receipts on Tinder:

  1. Go into the app settings (the gear icon)
  2. Scroll down to “Read Receipts” and tap on “Settings” under “Manage Read Receipts”
  3. Toggle the “Send Read Receipts” option on if you want to send them or off if you don’t want to send them

Tinder Settings

Read receipts are “on” by default, but I personally turn this off since I don’t like other people potentially knowing when I read their messages.

Just note: turning this on doesn’t mean you can use read receipts on Tinder for free. You still need to pay for read receipts and activate them for specific conversations. Plus, the person you’re talking to has to have their “send read receipts” option turned on.

How To See If Your Tinder Message Was Read

The only way to see if your Tinder message was read is to pay for read receipts and activate read receipts in that specific conversation. Your match also has to have “send read receipts” toggled on.

As you can see, I keep my read receipts turned off, so no one can ever know when I read their message.

This is honestly a pretty rare Tinder feature, and I don’t know anyone who even uses this feature or has paid for it before.

But, it’s currently the only way to know if someone reads your message on Tinder.

Should You Use Tinder Read Receipts?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t use Tinder read receipts because they are expensive and also don’t increase your odds of getting a date or getting more matches.

I mean look in the mirror and ask yourself: just how down bad and desperate are you?

If someone doesn’t respond to you after reading your message, they either got busy or lost interest. Knowing this fact isn’t going to change anything. And if you start pestering people with more messages, it’s pretty cringey.

If you want to pay for Tinder to get more matches, you’re better off paying for Tinder boosts or even Tinder Super Likes since these actually help you get more matches.

Tinder Boost

Alternatively, you can pay for apps like Hinge or Bumble to try and get more dates.

Just please, whatever you do, don’t waste your money on Tinder read receipts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Tinder Read Receipts Look Like?

Tinder displays read receipts with two blue double check marks under messages that either say “Read” or “Not Read” depending on if the person has read your message or not.

Does Tinder Gold Have Read Receipts?

Tinder Gold doesn’t include read receipts as part of its membership cost. The only way to get read receipts on Tinder is to buy packs of 1, 5, or 20 read receipts at a time.

Are Tinder Read Receipts Free?

Tinder read receipts aren’t free and cost $3.99 if you buy them one at a time. You can buy read receipts in packs of 5 and 20 for a bulk discount.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how Tinder sends read receipts and what this feature costs, I hope you can decide if it’s worth using or not.

Again, we don’t think Tinder read receipts are worth it because they don’t help you get more matches and can be pretty cringey if they make you overthink things.

Who cares when people read or message you back…you either have a meaningful connection with someone or not!

Anyway, best of luck with your swiping, and please don’t take any of this too seriously!

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