How to Be Smooth – 6 Ways to Act Smooth With Girls

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Want to know how to be smooth? These 14 tips will show you how to be confident, use your charm, and act smooth with girls!

Some men who can seemingly charm and attract women effortlessly, without so much as even lifting a finger, are the most envied people in the world.

While a handful of men are born smooth, fortunately, there’s something also possible to practice and get better at with time. 

If you are currently as smooth as a sheet of high-grit sandpaper – don’t sweat it. With just a few simple tricks (and a whole lot of practice), you will eventually be smoother than ever before.

Being smooth all boils down to 3 simple tricks:

  1. Acting smooth
  2. Being confident
  3. Utilizing your charm

Take a look a how all of these tricks can be applied!

6 Ways to Act Smooth

These 6 tips will help you act smooth in any situation around women…

1) Be Playful

Most experts agree that for most women, one of mens’ most attractive traits is having a sense of playfulness.

  • Talking to people who are high-spirited, playful, and always seem to enjoy a feisty conversation is a lot more fun than talking to someone earnest and uninteresting. 

Keep a sense of playfulness and mischievousness while talking to women.

  • Hunt for opportunities where you can crack a joke, tease her or nudge her gently, and deliberately misunderstand things she says.

If she is up for some verbal back and forth, then all of this can be incredibly charming and irresistible.  

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2) Stay in Control of the Situation

There is a good enough reason why all the ladies’ men are referred to as “smooth operators.” These men typically have dominant personalities and know how to use social situations to their advantage. 

  • The smoothest players know precisely how to lead the conversation in the way they want without even giving off the slightest hint. This effortlessness is the key for how to be smooth. 

This Youtube video by The Gentlemen’s Game sums up staying in control really well…

Somebody who insists on controlling a social interaction, but is frustrated about the whole deal, can end up giving off mixed signals. This usually isn’t flattering at all and can become a major turn off.

  • Also, avoid using back-handed compliments or implementing psychological tricks to attract women.

If it all sounds scripted, you aren’t effortlessly controlling the situation. 

Instead, try things like:

  1. Having a date already planned out
  2. Being on top of when it’s time to leave
  3. Taking her to places where you’re most comfortable already

You can even stay in control and be smooth over text when asking someone out. Here’s an example:

how to act smooth over text
He already has a plan and sets it up casually in case it doesn’t work out.

3) Treat Her Like Normal Person

We’ve all seen the quiet yet super charming and dashing bad boy in movies and TV shows who doesn’t utter a word, but still seems to get girls without even trying.

While popular entertainment can often create some negative attitudes towards dating, there’s a bit of truth that lies here. 

Being understated and cool can actually make men more charming to women.

  • Try reacting to everything around you casually, as if it’s natural. Being at ease is the best way of showing your confidence, and every woman loves a confident man. 

This doesn’t mean you should be tight-lipped regarding everything. However, wherever you see an opportunity to act smooth and spark a bit of intrigue in your conversation, take it and see how it goes. 

In addition, it’s vital to have low-key reactions if you’re rejected.

  • If you try to start a conversation with several ladies at a party, there’s chance at least some won’t be interested in talking. However, this is entirely okay, and you should react to each rejection with no hurt feelings. 

4) Be Funny

Human beings can make anyone feel good. After all, everybody enjoys having a good laugh.

  • If you can be claimed as a funny person, women will naturally wish to be around you. Just don’t use self-deprecating humor. 

While some individuals can manage to sound good while making fun of themselves, this move is risky for the majority of ordinary people.

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5) Don’t Get Your Hopes Up During Social Interactions 

Guys who are smooth always enjoy having intriguing and playful conversations with girls.

They do not just do it to get what they want. Any sort of dating or romance that comes along their way is a by-product of them doing what they enjoy. 

  • While communicating with a woman you are attracted to, don’t have an endgame in sight.

Just do and say whatever comes naturally. If your conversation helps you get to romance, it’s fantastic, but if not, at least you still had fun. 

This is another significant reason you should avoid pick-up seduction lines and guides. They’re typically written, keeping just one goal in mind.

While these routines might work on some women, they will never get you the pure joy and happiness that comes from naturally connecting with someone else. 

6) Casually Initiate Affection

If you want to know how to be smooth, you most likely want to engage in mutual affection, such as holding hands or kissing.

Healthy and mutual displays of intimacy and love can be good. 

  • Men who are genuinely smooth won’t be ashamed or scared to make their intentions known, nor will they be desperate or needy.

Not only does desperation appear unattractive to women, but it also demonstrates low-self esteem, whereas smooth guys always have high self-esteem. 

  • Note that real smooth men are not creeps. It is one thing to be casually affectionate, but harassing women or violating their personal space is not acceptable.

Keep an eye out for her body language and see if she’s engaging in similar flirting patterns to you (touching, laughing a lot, eye contact, etc.).

4 Ways to Be Confident With Girls

how to be smooth body language

Confidence is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial aspects of being smooth. These tips can help advance your confidence game!

1) Fake It Till You Make It

When you stress out about any social situation, you are showing others around you that you’re not in control of your environment.

  • As long as you have the right attitude and control your behavior properly, people never have to know. 

Just acting confident is enough to trick everybody into thinking you are. For starters, act like everything you do or say is natural.

  • Stand up tall, take up space with your body, talk with enough volume, and know what you want.

2) Use Appropriate Eye Contact

Confident people are not afraid to look anyone in the eye, especially when it’s an attractive woman.

Doing this gives other people the impression that you are open, attentive, and unintimidated. 

  • An unwillingness to look another person in the eye may make it seem like you are nervous, ashamed, scared, or hiding something even when you aren’t.

Most of the time, try to look others in the eye while conversing with them. 

  • When you aren’t talking to them, use a few seconds of steady eye contact to stimulate somebody’s interest from across the room.

However, excessive eye contact can be bad. Feel free to keep somewhat steady eye contact while talking to women, but not more than just a few seconds. 

3) Use Powerful Body Language

Always remember that if you look like you are self-assured and confident, you might as well be confident. Other people can’t tell the difference between the two. 

  • If you are naturally introverted or shy, using confident body language can instantly boost your prospects with women.

Take a look at some easy ways to show smooth body language:

  1. Hold Your Head High. It makes you look confident, proud, and unafraid of your surroundings. Avoid looking down at others as it can appear too condescending and snobby. 
  2. Stand Straight (with both shoulders pulled back gently). This puffs out your chest, makes you look larger, and typically makes whatever muscles you have look their best. 
  3. Do Not Cross or Fold Your Arms. It can make you appear inaccessible and shut-off.
  4. Take Up Space. Confident people are not afraid to keep a relaxed, broad stance. 
  5. Avoid Looking at Your Phone. It makes you seem preoccupied and discourages people from talking to you. 

4) Get Some Life Experience 

Men who are genuinely suave will always back up their mystique and mysterious charm with actual exciting lives.

  • Smooth men spend their time trying new things and pursuing their hobbies and passions. 

If you want new hobbies, start with something that interests you or you enjoy doing naturally and try to be good at that.

4 Ways to Be Smooth With Charm

Charm is something that every man should learn to utilize when talking to girls. These 4 tips will help bring the charm out of you!

Check out this Youtube video by Charisma on Command to help you get even more ideas…

1) Be Proud of Your Interests

Don’t feel a need to lie about or conceal the things you like and enjoy doing.

If you like doing something awkward, do it. If you are geeky, embrace it and be unabashedly so.

  • Being totally honest about what you do and how you like spending your time will distinguish you from others around you and make you seem confident, sexy, and genuine. 

2) Look for Women In Your Everyday Circle

Singles bars, clubs, and other famous “dating hotspots” are ideal for people who’re in their element when there is loud music, and everybody is drunk.

For everybody else, it might be easier to meet people somewhere else. 

For starters, try meeting a woman at an event or place you naturally enjoy attending.

  • Using this approach, you have a significantly higher chance of meeting women that you have things in common with. 

3) Have Your Own Style

The age-old advice of “Be yourself and you will go far” sounds a little too cheesy, but it is absolutely true for the smooth operators.

  • Someone who knows how to be smooth doesn’t follow others to define himself. He does what he wants or likes to do and presents himself how he wants to be presented. 

Having a personal style of your own makes you way more memorable and exciting than trying to be somebody else’s idea of cool. Besides being trendy, it is also a more brilliant way of winning people over. 

  • The best way to differentiate yourself from others is dressing up in a way that isn’t 100% ordinary (but not entirely absurd either).

For instance, you may want to buy your clothes from a vintage or second-hand store or make your own clothes and accessories by sewing or knitting them yourself. 

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4) Be Open and Sincere 

Honesty is the best policy. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing women.

  • Anyone can distinguish between a genuine and phony person, so trying to act like somebody you aren’t will only result in awkwardness. 
  • Most women appreciate sincerity and find it cute, so you have no reason to not be open and honest about your intentions, opinions, and thoughts.

In the worst-case scenario, you will have the chance to date someone.

If you’d have to lie about the way you feel regarding dating this person, you’ll never be completely happy with them. 

If you have specific deal breakers, you definitely need to be honest and open about them with your partner.

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Hopefully you’ve learned how to be smooth with confidence and charm after reading through this guide!

Remember that being smooth is something that can easily be learned and implemented into your life.

As long as you’re working towards these tips and trying to utilize them when you can, you’re on the right track!

Good look smooth gentlemen!

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