10+ Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend (Romantic & Fun Bet Ideas!)

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So, you’re thinking of some fun or flirty bets to make with your boyfriend but you don’t know where to start.

Well, the great news is that you’ve come to the right place!

At Manly & Modern, we have lots of content of bet ideas for couples, so if you want to spice things up with your boyfriend, there are plenty of great bet ideas you can try.

So in this post, I’m covering some good bets to make with your boyfriend you can use to have some fun.

Let’s get to it!

The Best Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend – What To Bet On

Before we dive into the best bet ideas to make with your boyfriend, we have to come up with some ideas on what to bet on first.

After all, every bet needs something you’re wagering on, and it’s the consequences for the loser or rewards for the bet winner that are the real fun part.

Some common bet ideas you can your boyfriend can wager on include betting on:

  • The price of something
  • How long something takes
  • The date something happened (and then verify it)
  • Who can eat or drink the most of something
  • A physical challenge (like who can run a mile the fastest)
  • Who will show up first or last to a party
  • The outcome of a sports game or event
  • If a friend will do something or not
  • The distance between two places
  • How long a relationship will last
  • Who wins in a video game or board game
  • When someone will arrive at a social event
  • How a movie will end
  • If something happens in a book you’re both reading

Once you know what you’re actually betting on and have a wager in place, you’re ready to make the bet official by deciding on the consequences for the loser!

Fun Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

The first category of bets to make with your boyfriend involve fun bets.

These are bets where the consequence for the loser is something quirky and cute, so these are pretty easy bet ideas to start out with!

1. Loser Has To Make The Winner Dinner

One great bet to make with your boyfriend is to bet on something and have the loser cook the winner dinner.

This is a fun and easy bet to start with, and it’s also a great excuse for you and your boyfriend to have a nice meal together for some quality time.

To add some spice to the bet, make it so the winner can request any meal they desire!

2. Loser Has To Tell An Embarrassing Secret

This is a great bet idea for friends, but it also works as a bet idea for you and your boyfriend.

Basically, make the consequence of losing your bet that the loser has to share an embarrassing secret or story.

And make it so it has to be a story you don’t know about so you learn something new about your boyfriend.

3. Loser Has To Write Down 20 Things They Like About The Winner

This is a cute bet idea to make with your boyfriend, and it’s an opportunity for the loser to share what they love most about the winner.

The bet is simple: whoever loses has to write 20 things down on a piece of paper that they love about the other person. How romantic!

4. The Winner Picks The Next Movie Night

Another great bet to make with your boyfriend is to let the winner plan the next movie night.

If your boyfriend is always picking movies from genres you don’t like, this is also an opportunity to take control!

So, place your wager, and then pick whatever movie you feel like watching if you win; it doesn’t matter if it’s a horror film or a chick-flick!

5. Winner Picks The Next Restaurant

Like the movie idea, another bet to make with your boyfriend is to have the winner choose the next restaurant.

In fairness, if your relationships are anything like my previous ones, your boyfriend probably doesn’t have final say in where you go out for dinner anyway.

But hey, let’s pretend men have a say for this one and add this bet idea to the list!

6. The Winner Chooses The Next Vacation Spot

This is a more serious bet with some high stakes, so think carefully before making it!

But the idea is to have the winner choose the next vacation spot.

Of course, you can both plan the hotel, budget, flights, and logistics of the trip. But it’s the winner who gets to pick the

Romantic And Sexy Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Now that we’ve covered some fun bet ideas to make with your boyfriend, it’s time to turn things up a notch!

Maybe you’re trying to add some more romance to the relationship, or to just have some extra, spicy fun.

Whatever the case, here are some romantic and sexy bets to make with your boyfriend.

7. Loser Has To Plan A Romantic Date Night

If you want a romantic bet to make with your boyfriend, make it so the loser has to plan a very special date night.

This could involve making dinner for the other person, or something more extravagant like planning a weekend getaway and series of activities.

Set some guidelines and a rough budget, and then place your bets!

8. Winner Gets A Massage

One sexy bet to make with your boyfriend is to have the loser give the winner a massage.

Set a time limit for the massage…or don’t.

Also make sure you get some massage oil so it’s actually a decent massage!

9. Winner Gets To Pick A Bedroom Activity

One romantic bet idea to make with your boyfriend is to let the winner pick one (or more) bedroom activities the loser has to do.

Again, you can get creative here, and you know your relationship better than I do, so pick the rewards you want.

This is a great opportunity to explore some things you’ve been itching to and to expand your relationship as well!

10. Loser Has To Send A Promiscuous Photo

This is a common bet to make over text, and it’s also very fun and flirty if this is something you’re comfortable with.

Basically, make a bet where the loser has to send a sexy photo to the winner.

You might already be doing this over Snapchat, but hey, placing a bet around it makes it that much more fun.

11. The Winner Gets 3 Wishes

While you can technically use these wishes for anything, you can turn this boyfriend bet idea into something pretty romantic.

For this bet, the winner gets 3 wishes where the loser has to oblige.

There isn’t an expiration date for the wishes, and whatever the winner says goes!

12. The Winner Picks An Outfit For The Loser

Another good sexy bet to make with your boyfriend is to let the winner of the bet pick an outfit for the loser.

Of course, you could pick a funny outfit if you both want a laugh. But the winner is also free to make the other person dress in whatever (or as little) clothing as they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know some of the best bet ideas to make with your boyfriend, here are a few common questions readers have about these types of wagers.

What Are Some Cute Bets To Make With My Boyfriend?

Cute bet ideas with your boyfriend usually center around things like planning a date night or romantic getaway. You basically want to wager on something where the loser has to put time and effort into planning something special for the two of you.

What Are Some Crazy Bets To Make With My Boyfriend?

Crazy bets to make with your boyfriend include bets like having the loser share a crazy story, or letting the winner make the rules for the next week. Bets where the winner gets a certain number of wishes can also get crazy depending on what the winner asks for.

What Are Some Flirty Bets To Make With My Boyfriend?

Flirty bets to make with your boyfriend often include bedroom activities where the winner picks what happens. Bets where the loser has to give the winner a massage or do what the winner demands are also very flirty.

Final Thoughts

I hope our list of bets to make with your boyfriend provides some inspiration to help you place your next bet.

Bets can be fun, flirty, or downright crazy; the entire point is to have some fun and to spend more time with the person you care about.

Good luck with your wagers! And if you have other great bet ideas to make with boyfriends, let us know in the comments as well!

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