Should Guys Wear Shorts Over Running Tights?

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If you’re into running, cycling, the gym, or any outdoor sport, you’re probably going to wear running tights at some point.

The right pair of leggings or running tights can help keep you warmer during a workout and also support athletic performance.

But, should men wear shorts over running tights?

A lot of men wonder if they should wear shorts over leggings or tights to have a bit more of a modest outfit.

So, in this post, we’re sharing our thoughts on this fashion question as well as what other men think.

Should You Wear Shorts Over Running Tights?

So, should men wear shorts over tights?

Well, the main question to ask yourself is what makes you the most comfortable.

Personally, I always wear shorts over running tights or leggings because it covers me more and makes me feel more comfortable.


This includes when I run outside, play soccer, or workout at the gym.

However, I have several friends who go to the gym and sometimes just wear tights.

To help you decide, let’s cover some of the pros and cons to wearing shorts over tights!

Pros Of Wearing Shorts Over Running Tights

The main reason men wear shorts over tights is to be more modest.

Let’s face it: your bulge is going to be in plain view for everyone to see if you just wear running tights and nothing else.

Personally, I think this look is a bit much, and I prefer working out with that area having a bit more coverage.

This is especially true on leg day at the gym; I don’t really want to squat with my junk in plain view of everyone.

Plus, if your running tights don’t have pockets, it can be extremely annoying to bring items like a phone or wallet along while you’re running or working out.

Cons Of Wearing Shorts Over Running Tights

The main drawback of wearing shorts over tights is mostly that you’re wearing more layers.

This means you can overheat more easily, and you also have more laundry to do.

I’m sorry, but I think this outfit is awful. But hey more power to you.

Honestly, if you have a nice pair of running tights made with breathable material, you shouldn’t overheat too easily.

The only time wearing shorts over leggings or tights can be a bad idea is if you’re into long distance running or biking since having less baggy clothing feels better for these sports.

What Do Other Men Think?

So, what do other men think about wearing shorts over tights or leggings?

Well, here’s what some other men are saying over on the r/Running community on Reddit:

  • anfriou says: “the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. That should be the protocol.”
  • Digital_Eide says: “To me this seems a cultural thing more than anything. In Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands male and female runners tend to wear either running shorts or tights, certainly not shorts over tights.”
  • big_jonny says: “I will if it’s cold enough. It’s all about the layers.”
  • beebMeUp says: “I split the difference and wear compression shorts under my running shorts…until it’s below 20F. After that who cares?”

shorts-over-tights-redditAs you can see, this question largely comes down to preference and temperature.

If it’s freezing, it’s not a bad idea to wear shorts over running tights just so you have an extra layer.

But, the bottom line is you have to decide what makes you most comfortable.

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What Are Some Alternatives?

If you’re still on the fence about wearing shorts over your running tights, here are a few alternative ideas you can consider.

  • Long Tops: A long-enough sweater or t-shirt can likely cover all or most of your private area so you’re not showing off your bulge to the world.
  • Compression Shorts: Many men wear compression shorts under their tights so you get a bit more padding and security.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I always wear shorts over leggings or running tights because it makes me feel more comfortable while working out.

I’m not a professional athlete, and this is ultimately what I do to feel more comfortable.

And, that’s really the key here: you need to do whatever makes you feel best.

It’s also worth remembering that no one really cares how other people look or behave anyway.

Humans are self-centered by nature, so trust me, no one is paying as much attention to your outfit choices as you think.

Anyways, if you have thoughts on if you should wear shorts over running tights, let us know down below!

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